Atharter Aguin's Cheat System
A novel reader that have read different kinds of novels since the beginning of time (it's actually since 2010) got reincarnated into one of his favorite novel's world. 'Against The Gods' Together with his cheat, he shall show the might of a novel reader upon the world.
OmensHymn Rise of The Immortal Lich
The Immortal Emperor, it was time to ascend the heavens and break free from heavens fate to guard against and destroy the invading forces of the demons and gods, he looked upon the Heavens one last time before he turned to face his men, with his mind determined he said to his companions "Let us be rid of these parasites once and for all my brothers and sisters" his younger brother took a step forward...
Daoist_Over_God RWBY Re: Jaune Arc
Jaune dies years in the future against an army of Grimm, in order to save his allies, Jaune chose to stay behind and fight and die in combat. After Jaune died a hero, he was sent back in time to when he was a teenager, given a blessing by a new and unknown god, Jaune once again attempts to relive his life as a hero and hunter, this time, he plans on living. Coming Soon.
Pahimakas Soleil Noir: Lamentations of the Moon
Where am I? Who am I? What am I? 「You must remember, you have no place anywhere.」 If I was a mistake, if I wasn't meant to exist, then why am I here? 「You must remain as you are, ignorant and emotionless.」 If I'm only supposed to remain motionless, then why do I possess the ability to move? 「Never forget, you must always be alone and never know love.」 If I must be alone, then why...

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