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Chapter 957 Volume 9 – Chapter 166: Scattered Gifts [A] (Part 2)

Mo Xiaofei praised and said hurriedly, “The inheritor of this generation…”

“The whereabouts of Linen Cloth Dao’s inheritors are unknown. It is almost impossible to find them proactively.” Long Xiruo said with resignation, “Linen Cloth Dao has a way to block off any prophecies. Hence, we can’t calculate their whereabouts. “

“Teacher, isn’t this another dead end?” Mo Xiaofei looked at Long Xiruo with disgust.

“But I know where I can find the Linen Cloth Dao’s inheritors?” Long Xiruo suddenly narrowed her eyes.

Mo Xiaofei threw away his principles and morals, “Teacher, you are the greatest person I have ever seen!”

Long Xiruo snorted coldly, “Taishan Penglai Conference is coming soon. Many figures hiding in Divine Land have gathered and started preparing and been waiting half a year earlier for this conference. It’s a grand event every ten years. Linen Cloth Dao’s inheritors got to appear.”

“Mountain Tai…” Mo Xiaofei came into deep thoughts.

Long Xiruo said calmly, “But think carefully about it. Linen Cloth Dao isn’t the typical religious hoaxer you can find on the street. Those of Linen Cloth Dao have real skills. So, you may need to pay a heavy price to get those of Linen Cloth Dao to help you.”

Mo Xiaofei thought for a while and asked abruptly, “Teacher, what if it’s the boss…”

Long Xiruo frowned but said solemnly, “Do you have anything else you can sell? Linen Cloth Dao will help you. They may request something within your capability or make you owe them a favor. But after all, it won’t be too ruthless. They will leave room for everything. But the store is not necessarily so…”

Mo Xiaofei whispered, “I always feel that the boss is not so bad.”

Long Xiruo sighed, “Treating all people equally and everyone absolutely fair. Don’t you think this is terrifying in the first place? You can’t be a human anymore.”

Mo Xiaofei hesitated to speak but finally fell silent, not planning to comment further on the boss.

Long Xiruo was uninterested at this time, waved her hand, and said, “Well, you are tired today. Go back to rest early. I will take care of the Greedy Wolf Clan. You should come to practice on time tomorrow. Also, about the world fragment, you should forget it for now. It’s not the right time for you to dawdle into it. There are some things that you don’t want to know. It’s not to look down on you or what, but to help you concentrate. I don’t want you to be distracted.”

Mo Xiaofei nodded and exited Long Xiruo’s office. He quickly found Zixing. After a few words of greeting, he left under Greedy Wolf Clan’s Lang Yong and Lang Wu’s vigilant gaze.

After Mo Xiaofei left, Long Xiruo frowned. She then gave Zixing an explanation and walked out quietly.

After seeing Liu Zixing from the hospital, Luo Qiu did not go back to the center plaza to meet with Ren Ziling.

Even if he had returned to the plaza at this time.

There were all kinds of people here—different people with different brilliance, like the ocean. Luo Qiu sat on a bench, quietly watching the cheerful people in the plaza.

He suddenly remembered the day when he got the position of club boss.

Back in that day, he seemed to be looking at the pedestrians on the street like this and then embarked on an unimaginable road.

Luo Qiu lowered his head. He opened his palm, and a small gift box appeared in his palm. The gift box slowly rose and then disappeared into the air.

Then, there came another small gift box. It happened like the previous box and disappeared after it rose in the air.

Her body was getting worse and worse. It was the ramifications bought by the poor environment that spanned twenty years. She slept on the hospital bed. Her awake time was getting less and less.

Fang Jiping knew that she didn’t have much time. So he stayed by her side every day.

Naturally, his girlfriend often accompanied him a

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