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amaliaverdezoto > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 958 - Volume 9 – Chapter 167: Scattered Gifts [B] (Part 1)
ecline of Divine Land’s demon beast clan, some Divine Land demon beasts chose to leave and find another way out. So, it wasn’t a surprise to encounter a demon beast on the ground outside Divine Land.

“Are you the fallen princess of Xuan Yuan Royal Family?” The young man said slowly at this time.

Su Zijun sneered and stood up. Since they both asked similar questions, the identities of both parties were verified. Su Zijun said calmly, “I waited here for almost a day before the Michael Club sent you over. Your operation speed disappoints me. What made me even more disappointed is that they only sent you over. “

The demon beast youth, Lobo, suddenly whistled and said with a wicked smile, “Quality over quantity. No matter how much trash comes over, they are futile. Having me alone is enough.”

Su Zijun sneered again, “Did you make a mistake? A few months ago, a spear guy took advantage of my bad condition and secretly attacked me, causing me to suffer a small loss. You guys, do you think I’m easygoing?”

“The spear guy?” Lobo was startled and then calmly said, “You mean Kuck? However, he doesn’t necessarily give his all. Divine Land is just a corner of the world. You don’t know the world is much bigger than this!”

“Hmph! He’s an idiot who forgets the origin!” A dark red demon beast power suddenly erupted from Su Zijun’s body.

Wolf King Lobo was indifferent at the moment, “Forgetting the origins? They never gave me anything but took away my… Forget it. The one with the biggest fists has the biggest say! Let me see how capable you are, the fallen Xuan Yuan Royal Princess!”

Flesh and blood on Lobo’s hands burst at this moment. White bone armor spread out and engulfed his arms swiftly.

The bones on this pair of arms were fierce. Bone sabers overgrew from the elbows, showcasing its inborn ferocity for killing.

Su Zijun smelled a lot of soul and blood from this opponent. She didn’t know how many people the Wolf King had killed before he could accumulate this terrifying murderous aura.

But even if this murderous aura became twice as powerful, it couldn’t shake her resolution. Su Zijun directly blasted a punch with the dark red demon beast power erupted simultaneously. A wave of terrifying air suddenly pressed on the Wolf King Lobo frantically.

Seeing this, Wolf King Lobo’s expression became more solemn. These dark red demon beast powers were endless. Each wave grew more intensified than the previous. When facing this majestic demon beast power, Wolf King Lobo felt as if he was facing the flood.

“What a good opportunity to hone my fighting spirit!”

Wolf King Lobo gave a hysterical laugh, and at the same time, he blasted a punch. Under Su Zijun’s dark red demon beast power’s pressure, he abruptly set a foothold! The fist wrapped in bone armor slammed into Su Zijun’s slender white fist!

It was a direct confrontation on strength!

The loud mountain stream came from this!

The terrifying sound reverberated in the mountains and shook the mountains! When the two confronted, two powerful forces dissipated, turning into a shockwave that swayed the trees around immensely!

The result of this fistfight was on equal ground!

The bone armor on the Wolf King Lobo’s fist at the moment was shattered! He couldn’t resist Su Zijun’s punch and was sent retreated! However, he merely shook his arms and shook off those broken bones.

“Huh? This is how you’re saying the world is bigger than the Divine Land?” Su Zijun’s eyes narrowed.

Lobo looked at the bone fragments that fell on the ground, but he squeezed his fist gently. The bone armor was once again formed, the same as before it was broken!

“Petty trick.” Su Zijun snorted coldly, then punched again.

Wolf King Lobo didn’t dodge away at this time. He stepped forward again, and the fist that wrapped the bone armor once again met Su Zijun’s glossy but not weak fist!


This time, Wolf King Lobo directly retreated, an

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