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Chapter 5 – Silver Lightning

Part 1

April 17th. Before dawn.

Frogboy dispatched thirty-two competent disciples to make contact with Sun Jicheng’s forces, who were currently carrying out their investigation in the thirty-two districts of Jinan. Had they encountered Wu Tao and Ingot during their search?

Disciples of the Flowered Flag Sect came from every social class, so of course all of them had friends who were part of the investigation.

Before daybreak, Yang Kedong, Assistant Manager of Open Source Money Lending, had been contacted, and the whereabouts of Wu Tao and Ingot ascertained.

By that time the two of them still lay fast asleep in the little room in the back of the wine shop. In the abandoned courtyard of the haunted mansion, Frogboy had already used a pair of silver pincers to extract the tiny weapons from the wounds of corpses, and had deposited them onto a silver tray.

Neither the silver pincers nor the silver tray had experienced any change in color; the weapons clearly were not poisoned.They could kill in one shot because of their accuracy, power and speed.

The five weapons were very thin, and yet had penetrated the victims’ clothes, skin and muscle to lodge directly in the bones. It took quite a bit of effort on the part of Frogboy to pull them out.

They sat there on the silver tray, glittering. Three of them were jet black, almost like an iron nail.

The other two needles were silver colored, and shone even more brightly than the silver tray upon which they rested.

Everyone present stared at the five concealed needle weapons, and everyone carried a very serious expression on their face.

After a long time had passed, Old Master Tian let out a soft sigh.

“I never would have guessed. I really never would have guessed.” He shook his head. “I never imagined those old two freaks were still alive, let alone that they would make an appearance. No wonder someone as skilled as Three Panthers Niu didn’t stand a chance.”

“Perhaps that was because Three Panthers Niu never thought that they would show up. He was completely focused on dealing with the young beggar, and thus fell to their treachery.”

“Perhaps,” said Old Master Tian. “Or perhaps Three Panther Niu just never stood a chance.”

He picked up one of the silver needles and sighed. “I haven’t seen a concealed weapon like this in at least eighteen years. I remember, eighteen years ago, when their weapons appeared, no one could evade them. All the way until the end, at that battle on the shores of the East China Sea.”

“What happened then?”

“They finally met their match. After that, no one in Jianghu heard anything about them ever again.”

“Are you talking about ‘Soundless Thunderbolt’ Yun Zhongxue and his wife the Silver Lightning Immortal?”

Old Master Tian suddenly lost his temper. Glaring at his son, he roared, “When did you become so stupid? Other than those two, who else would be using Thunderbolt Needles and Silver Lightning Needles?”

Frogboy laughed. “Luckily, sometimes I’m really smart,” he said with a chuckle. “Things that other people can’t figure out, I can often piece together.”

“What thing? What did you piece together? Spit it out!”

“That young beggar is definitely no ordinary person, and not somebody easy to deal with. Therefore, Three Panthers Niu disguised himself as an eighth-rate bandit so that the beggar would underestimate him, which would lead to an easy victory.”

Old Master Tian was still irritated and just stared at him blank faced. But Xiao Jun had begun to nod his head.

Frogboy smiled at him and continued, “Unfortunately, Three Panthers Niu didn’t realize that two people were hiding in the shadows protecting the young begger. And of course he had no way to realize that those two people were none other than famous figures from the Jianghu of eighteen years ago, the Thunder and Lightning Immortals.”

“It makes sense,” said Xiao Jun.

“It makes as

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