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s much sense as a fart!” roared Old Master Tian. “Those two old freaks had no sons or daughters, nor any disciples. When they went into retirement, that young beggar hadn’t even been born yet. What relationship could he have with them? Why would they be secretly protecting him?”

“Perhaps they were on an assignment,” said Frogboy. “Perhaps they were especially dispatched.”

“Especially dispatched?” Old Master Tian seemed to be getting even more angry. “Who on Earth would have the seniority two dispatch those two?”

“At least one person.”


“The person who defeated them 18 years ago on the shores of the East China Sea.”

Old Master Tian suddenly wasn’t angry. He said nothing, and after a long time he suddenly slapped his son lightly on the side of the face. With a sigh, he said, “Sometimes I wish you were just a little bit stupider.”

Frogboy also sighed. “Even if I was a little stupid, I couldn’t be that stupid.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I’m the son of the Fourth Master of the Flowered Flags.”

The Old Master laughed heartily.

Just as he laughed with the most joy, his palm suddenly shot out.

This palm was filled with much more power and speed than the palm he had used just moments ago.

Even though Old Master Tian played his sanxian much slower than the blind musicians of Daming Lake, his attack speed was actually three times faster than most people in Jianghu. [1]

Not many people could evade a palm strike like this, but luckily, Frogboy was one of them.

Just as the palm struck out, he scurried up one of the columns of the eight-sided pavilion.

Then, Xiao Jun’s stretched out. With his fingers, he made seven dots on the dusty-covered column, then drew a wavy line between the marks. “Is it him?” he asked, his voice low and hoarse. “Was it he who defeated the Thunder and Lightning Immortals on the shores of the East China Sea?”

What he had drawn appeared to be a few meaningless squiggles. But when Old Master Tian laid eyes on the seven dots and the long line, a look of respect appeared on his face that no one had ever seen before, a look you would give to a person eminently deserving of respect.

Not very many people alive on Earth could command the respect of Old Master Tian. What kind of person did those seven dots and the line represent?

He said not a word, but the look on his face had answered the question without a doubt.

“It’s really him?” Xiao Jun frowned. “Could the young beggar be connected to him?”

“He must be connected in some way,” said Frogboy.

“Why do you say that?”

“If he didn’t, even if that young beggar were being bit to death by stray dogs in the gutter, the Thunder and Lightning Immortals wouldn’t even glance at him. If the young beggar is really his disciple, then why would he steal a coin purse from a businessman?” Actually, he had already thought of the answer to this question. “Because that businessman is no ordinary businessman.”

“How would the young beggar know that he isn’t an ordinary businessman?” asked Xiao Jun. “If he isn’t an ordinary businessman, then who is he?”

“You shouldn’t be asking me these questions!” laughed Frogboy.

“Who should I ask, then?”

“Go ask them yourself. I’m sure we already have their location.”

He dared to say this because he saw that Li Dong had returned.

Li Dong was one of the Flowered Flag Sect’s most capable disciples, and one of the ones he had dispatched to gather information.

“Frogbro, we’ve already figured out where those two people are,” he said. “We got the information from Yang Kedong, and it seems reliable.” [2]

“Where are they?”

“At a restaurant called ‘Big Zhao’s.’”

“They’re together?”

“Yes, the whole night.”

“What were they doing together?”

“Drinking themselves half to death. They drank for five or six hours until they were as drunk as mud. They’ve been sleeping like the dead ever since then, in a little room in the back of Bi

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