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Chapter 9 – Wagering People Not Lives

Part 1

August 17th. Night.

Lanterns had been lit, just now. One hundred and nighty-six exquisite cinnabar lanterns.

Big Boss Tang of the “As You Wish Gambling Hall” paid close attention to pomp and ceremony, and believed that people liked brightly lit places. If people were going to spend money, they would likely spend a bit more in a well-lit location.

The interior designer who decorated the gambling hall had recommended ninety lanterns, but Big Boss Tang had insisted on one hundred ninety-six.

It was not a mistake.

As You Wish Gambling Hall brought in more income than any other seven or eight gambling halls combined.

Big Boss Tang rarely made mistakes, and as of now, didn’t actually need to do anything.

The only thing he needed to do was sit at home and count the silver flowing in. If silver didn’t flow in, gold flowed in.

The light of one hundred ninety-six lamps was sufficient. Underneath that amount of light, even the wrinkles on a carefully made up thirty-five year old woman could be seen clearly.

But it seemed as if Xiao Jun saw nothing.

People filled the gambling hall, people both good looking and bad.

All sorts of things happened in the gambling hall, things both good and bad.

But Xiao Jun saw none of them.

Of course all sorts of people came here to gamble, even if it were at the risk of losing a wife.

No one knew what Xiao Jun was doing there, and no one dared to ask.

His facial expression was just too fearsome, and underneath the bright light, it grew even more terrifying.

It looked almost transparent.

Part 2

Just as the lanterns lit up, Frogboy arrived with Wu Tao and Ingot.

Of course, many of the people in the gambling hall knew him.

He was no prince who abstained from drinking, feasting, women and gambling.

He was a close friend of Big Boss Tang.

Anyone in Jinan who ran this kind of business needed to be a friend of the Flowered Flag Sect, otherwise as soon as one hundred and ninety-six lanterns were lit in the grand hall, they would be smashed to pieces.

And so Frogboy made quite a grand entrance. Even people who didn’t really know him wanted to call out a greeting.

One needed to have quite a bit of face to call out a greeting to Frogboy, and even more to be able to call him “Frogbro.”

It seemed quite a few people had the face to greet him. Not a few called out, “Frogbro, what are you going to play today?”

“I’m not playing today,” he replied with a shake of his head. “I brought two friends here today, they’re going to play. They’re my guests.”

Only people with a lot of face could earn the right to be called Frogboy’s friend, and even though Wu Tao and Ingot didn’t seem that type, people had no choice but to look at them in a favorable light.

Xiao Jun didn’t notice.

He didn’t notice them and they didn’t seem to notice him.

He seemed to only be able to see the things in that other world in which he resided.

And the pai gow tiles in front of him. [1]

Pai gow is very fun, as long as you don’t lose.

Most gambling is like that, fun as long as you don’t lose.

Unfortunately, he had won eight times and lost nine times.

—Or perhaps was currently losing the ninth.

“What game would the two guests like to play?”

“Pai gow.”

Frogboy’s two guests were immediately led to the largest pai gow table in the house.

“Which position would the two guests like to assume?”

“Heaven position.”

The player currently occupying the Heaven position immediately left.

The dealer was not an employee of the gambling hall.

Those who run gambling halls cannot do any gambling themselves, lest the gambling hall itself be lost.

The dealer, a fat man with gigantic stomach, had an enormous coin purse, and a reckless air.

How could you be a dealer in a gambling hall unless you were the type of person willing to spend recklessly?

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