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n the alcohol reaches your stomach, it turns into piss. The alcohol is gone.”

He didn’t laugh, because what he said was no joke.

Frogboy didn’t laugh either.

He understood what his father meant. “The Laughing General who went missing for so many years turned into Wu Tao.”

Old Master Tian suddenly turned and looked at Xiao Jun. “The Beggar Sect’s Torture Chamber was just founded. There should be countless affairs to handle. You shouldn’t be here.”

“Correct.” When one word sufficed to express his intent, Xiao Jun wouldn’t use two.

“And yet here you are.”



Xiao Jun thought for a moment. “Because of the Laughing General.”

He spoke the truth. Never before had he lied, so Old Master Tian found his answer satisfactory.

“Of course you’re here for him,” said Old Master Tian. “And so must have Three Panthers Niu been here for him. I suspect many people in Jianghu now know he is in Jinan.”

Frogboy still didn’t understand. “But, Wu Tao was not in Jinan before.”

“In Jinan or not, it doesn’t matter.”

“Why is that?”

“Because the person they should have come after wasn’t him.”

“Not him? Who, then?”

“Sun Jicheng.”


Of course it was Sun Jicheng.

After the Laughing General disappeared, he turned into Jinan’s multi-millionaire Sun Jicheng.

It wasn’t as if Frogboy hadn’t considered this.

He was no fool.

He just liked to ask questions, questions of all sorts, even questions he already knew the answer to.

“If people should have been coming after Sun Jicheng because they suspected him of being the Laughing General, then why would they suddenly be interested in Wu Tao?” he asked. “Don’t tell me Wu Tao and Sun Jicheng have some kind of connection?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“A big connection or a small connection?”

“A big one. A very big one. A deadly one.” He sighed. “Deadly for several people so far.”


Xiao Jun, his eyes staring off into the distance, slowly, one word at a time, said, “Sun Jicheng is dead. His killer is also dead. Why have his subordinates instigated such a huge search in Jinan?”

This was the critical question, a question that had already been asked multiple times, but that no one had been able to answer.

But this time, it was different.

As of now, there was someone who could answer the question, and that person was none other than Old Master Tian.

“Actually, the answer to the question is quite simple,” he said. “I can answer it in eight words.”

“Eight words?” asked Frogboy. “Which eight words?”

“Sun Jicheng actually isn’t even dead at all!”

This shocking statement would certainly surprise most people.

But Frogboy and Xiao Jun were not most people.

They were a minority amongst a minority.

And they were not surprised.

But Frogboy had another question to ask: “He clearly died, and everyone clearly saw his corpse. How could he not be dead?”

“Because Sun Jicheng didn’t die,” said Ol

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