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Chapter 10 – The First Star

Part 1

April 17th. Night.

The night grew deeper, the lantern light brighter. The aroma of alcohol, meat and fish filled As You Wish Gambling Hall, as well as the fragrance of makeup and perfume. When all the smells mixed together, it actually smelled somewhat foul.

Many things in the world are like this.

Ingot patted the big bag that he had carried in. “Did you hear that? Mr. Chicken here said I’ve lost already. [1] I worked so hard to get you here, I really don’t want to lose you so quickly.”

The cloth bag couldn’t hear what he said, but Frogboy could.

“I’m not Mr. Chicken, I’m Mr. Tian.”

“Mr. Chicken, Mr. Tian, whatever. They’re both about the same.”

“About the same?” asked Frogboy. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, you can eat chickens and you can eat frogs,” he chuckled. “Right now, I feel like eating chicken. Penniless chickens are not a common thing to be able to eat.”

“Hold on a moment.”

“I’m in a real hurry, why should I wait?”

“Because I have two things I still need to tell you,” responded Frogboy. “You really need to remember them.”

“Ok. Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“Frogs and chickens are different,” he said. “There are least three areas of difference.”

“Which three?”

“Frogs have four legs, chickens only have two. Frogs can jump, very high, in fact. Chickens can’t. And chickens can lay eggs, frogs can’t.”

“That’s true,” said Ingot, clapping. “I never imagined you were so knowledgable. I really admire that.”

“You should come back often to learn things from me. You, too, can become more and more knowledgable.”

“Mr. Tian, what is the second thing you wanted to tell me.”

“You must never casually believe what other people say,” Frogboy said. “If someone randomly drags a bag in from outside and says it is full of gold, you shouldn’t just believe it.”

Ingot jumped up like a frog and let out a shout like a rooster whose neck had just been stepped on.

“You don’t believe me? You don’t believe my bag is filled with gold? Do I look like a liar?”

“Yes, you do,” said Frogboy with a smile. “Very much so.”

Ingot stared at him with an angry look, and then suddenly laughed.

“Yeah, I guess I do. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I think the same thing. Anybody who thinks I won’t deceive people is a real fool.”

“I’m no fool. Therefore, I want to see the contents of your bag.”

“Okay, go ahead and look.”

Not only did Ingot unexpectedly agree, he personally handed the bag over to Frogboy.

The bag contained no gold, not even a single bit.

It was filled with a random assortment of copper and iron bits.

Frogboy laughed. “That’s gold?”

Ingot didn’t laugh. In a very serious tone, he said, “Of course. All of it is. One hundred percent, died-in-the-wool pure gold.”

Frogboy looked at him, his expression like that of a bridegroom who, upon entering the bridal chamber, found that he had stepped on a pile of dog feces.

“Are you crazy?” he asked Ingot. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m not crazy, and I don’t have anything wrong with me. But I do have a star.” He seemed very serious. “Therefore, even though the bag only contains a random bunch of iron and copper, in my hands, it can become gold. One hundred percent pure gold.”

“You have a star?” Frogboy looked even more astonished. “What kind of star?”

“A star of blessing.”

“A star of blessing?” As of now, Frogboy did not think he was crazy. But he asked another question: “Where did this star of blessing come from?”

“It fell down from heaven,” said Ingot. “A star of blessing from heaven, with one tap, it can turn iron into gold.”

Frogboy’s expression suddenly changed. In dead earnest, he asked, “Can you let me see this star?”


Ingot felt around his garments and then pulled out a star. It appeared to be nothing more than a simple five-pointed star carved out of wood, with a character engraved on either sid

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