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It was impossible to see clearly from a distance what character it was. Frogboy accepted it with two hands and looked at it, then handed it to Xiao Jun. Xiao Jun’s facial expression changed, he handed it respectfully back to Ingot.

“So what did you see?” asked Ingot casually.

“A star,” said Frogboy grimly. “A star of blessing.”

Ingot tapped the star onto the bag. “So what is in this bag?” he asked Frogboy.

“Gold. One hundred percent pure gold.”

Ingot laughed. “Therefore, am I able to eat chicken now?”

How could a bag of iron and copper suddenly become gold? Why would Frogboy admit to this?

What was this star of blessing? How could it have the magical power to turn iron into gold? Nobody knew.

Part 2

Most of the tables had already resumed play. The losers wanted to retake their losses, the winners wanted to win more. When gamblers gamble, it is difficult to distract them.

And little in the world could distract Ingot’s appetite.

He had already begun wolfing down food and drink. It was free, and when it came to free food, he never let himself be second place in line. Even though someone had just said he would lose a bet, he still had to eat.

Frogboy had already begun to admire him: “This little punk can really hold his own and also let go. Even if he lost his own life, he wouldn’t care.”

Xiao Jun appeared to be off somewhere else as usual, except he suddenly said in a cold voice: “He didn’t lose. You did.”

And it was true.

Frogboy turned his head to see the supposedly dead Wu Tao walking in, not a scratch on him, not a hair missing.

But Frogboy had some missing hairs.

Whenever he ran into a situation he couldn’t comprehend, he would pull violently at his own hair. He pulled his hair and said to Wu Tao, “How did you get back?”

“It seems I walked back,” said Wu Tao. “Using my two legs.”

“And the other people?”

“What other people?”

“The people who were about to smash every vital point in your body?”

“They’re back too.”

“Where are they?” Frogboy didn’t understand. “How come I can’t see them.”

“Because,” said Wu Tao coolly, “They didn’t come back completely. Only a bit of each came back.”

How could a bit of someone come back? At first Frogboy didn’t understand, but then… he did.

Wu Tao had a bag in hand. When he opened it, Frogboy understood completely.

Inside the bag were thirteen steel pincers, exactly the same pincers that the thirteen men had been wearing.

The pincers were their killing weapons, but also their means of defense. They would not arbitrarily give them to someone else, any more than a person would casually chop off their arm to give to another.

What about the rest of their body parts? No one asked, nor did they need to.

Ingot laughed, then rushed over and clasped Wu Tao’s shoulders with two chicken-grease covered hands. He glanced back at Frogboy, “So, is he dead?”

Frogboy laughed bitterly. “I don’t think dead people can walk.”

“So, he’s back, right?”

“Seems so.”

“And did you just make a bet with me?”


“Did you lose, or did I lose?”

“I lost.”

“So now what?”

Frogboy laughed, and then suddenly asked a question: “Didn’t I say that if I lost I would owe you a person?”


“Then I need to think for a moment about how to get a person to pay you with. Although, I never said exactly what type of person I would owe you.” Frogboy chuckled. “After all, I could provide you with a blind, ugly, fat, stinky, bald, diseased, cleft-lipped *****. She could accompany you every day, from morning till night. You couldn’t refuse, you would have to accept her.”

Ingot gaped.

Even he could be fooled. Others might not think it possible, and of course he had never thought it possible.

Frogboy laughed heartily, and it seemed he was preparing to go out and find such a horrible young lady. He laughed proudly. “By chance, I happened to know of exactly such a g

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