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Chapter 20 – The Second Star

Part 1

April 19th. Before sunset.

The light of the setting sun, which shone on the camellia, suddenly became dim and murky. The camellia, which moments ago had seemed so bright and colorful, suddenly looked pale and sallow.

This is because it does not emit its own light. Moments ago, it had appeared so glorious only because of the light of the sun shining down onto its petals.

People are the same.

Some people shine brilliantly for a time, but then at a certain point become old and frail, and despite being alive, are simply waiting to die.


Fortunately, some people in the world are not like that.

This is because they are innately luminous, powerful, without any need to rely on others. When alive, none dare look down on them. Even after they die it is the same.

Gao Tianjue was that sort of person. Regardless of the circumstances, no one would be willing to doubt her power.

If she said that the “Thunder and Lightning” couple and Tang Lanfang would never again see Ingot, then sadly, they could only wait until after death to do so.

“You’re a women, as am I,” said Grand Miss Lei, staring at Gao Tianjue. “What women say is generally not very reliable. But, I believe you.”


“If you dare to say such a thing, then I believe that not only have you already killed Ingot, you are also prepared to attack us. Now that we have seen your face, you will not let us keep on living.” She sighed. “If I were you, I would probably do the same.”

“You don’t want to ask if I’m certain I can take on all three of you at once?”

“I don’t need to ask.”

“Why not?”

“Because if you killed Ingot, then we couldn’t allow you to continued to live.” Grand Miss Lei’s voice suddenly grew very calm. “We would do it even though we might die. So no need to waste breath on any questions.”

“Correct,” said Gao Tianjue. “There is no need for further questions.”

“I could see just now that your acupuncture points had been sealed. And now, I can see that your blood and Qi are flowing properly again.”


“Even my husband and I could not do that,” said Grand Miss Lei. “Your kung fu really is a lot higher than ours.” She sighed again. “In recent years, we haven’t payed any attention to all the trivial matters in Jianghu. And yet we have more and more of our own trivial matters to attend to. All year, every day, all day, the things we do are of no account. We don’t do anything important at all.”


“What we do all day is plant flowers and pull weeds, play chess and chat, get jealous and argue, visit scenic spots, catch rabbits and go fishing. Where is there room for important kung-fu related matters?” She sighed. “Although these things are more interesting than important matters, it means that our kung fu hasn’t advanced at all in the past few years. So, of course we can’t match up to you.”

Despite all her sighing, her expression was filled with joy, and

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