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Chapter 18 – A Red Flower in a White Head of Hair

Part 1

August 19. Late Morning.

Ingot awaited death, but even after waiting for quite a long time, he didn’t died.

Gao Tianjue’s hand still gripped him tightly, the icy palm slowly seeming to grow warm, just like an iceberg floating on the north pole since ancient times that had begun to melt.

Icebergs will eventually melt, as will flesh and blood people.

Ingot laughed.

“I knew you couldn’t bear to kill me,” he said. “How could you have the heart to kill someone as charming as me?”

Gao Tianjue showed no reaction.

It seemed as if he weren’t there, as if he had slipped deeply into a sweet and dark snare. It was like someone had taken distant dreams of the past and weaved them into a trap.

Ingot stroked his hand, then sighed.

“Such a good-looking hand. You should have been able to use to to do a lot of happy things for yourself and others. Why turn it into a murder weapon?” He couldn’t help but ask: “Why can’t you be like other women, and do the things women are supposed to do?”

Gao Tianjue’s hand and body suddenly became icy cold and rigid.

“How did you know I am a woman?”

“I just do,” said Ingot. “I knew a long time ago.”

Gao Tianjue suddenly flipped her hand around and grabbed his wrist. Angrily, she said, “You knew I was a woman, and you dared to treat me this way?”

She suddenly changed. Now she seemed as if she could kill at any moment. Her hand was now a murder weapon.

But Ingot didn’t look scared at all.

“It’s because I knew you were a woman that I treated you so,” he said. “Because I really have felt bad for you this entire time.”

“You feel bad for me?” Fury filled her hoarse voice. “You dare to feel bad for me?”

“Why can’t I?” he replied. “You have no family, no friends. Your life throughout these years is more painful and lonely than anyone else’s.” He sighed. “To be frank, not only do I feel bad for you, I like you.”

Gao Tianjue looked as if she had just been chopped with a sword. Her sharp fingertips had already stabbed into Ingot’s skin.

“What did you say?” she said angrily. “What did you just say?”

“I said I really like you,” said Ingot, sounding a little angry. “Don’t tell me I can’t like you? Don’t tell me you believe yourself unworthy to be liked?” The more he spoke the more angry he got. “Don’t tell me you think I’m trying to trick you by enticing you? By seducing you? If you really think that, then just kill me now, and if you don’t, then you’re a real bastard.”


Who would dare to speak in such a way to Gao Tianjue? Even Ingot knew that no one dared to.

Therefore, he closed his eyes again and awaited death.

Part 2

“Congratulations? You’re congratulating me?”

Big Boss Tang couldn’t hold back from letting out a scream. Her throat seemed like it would split apart at any moment.

But Grand Miss Lei just continued on happily: “I am congratulating you.” She repeated

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