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Chapter 21 – A small star, glittering

Part 1

“A small star, glittering,

Stars fill the heaven, but the moon does not shine,

People fill the earth, their hearts grieve.”


An autumn night, full of stars. A young boy, and two young girls; three children, one heart and a star. A very, very, very small star. Later, the children grew up. One heart became three. But there was still only one star.

And there was still just one very, very, very small star.

After growing up, they grew old. Some of them died. Some did not die, and yet their hearts died.

The star was as small as ever, and didn’t change. This is because stars do not have emotions, or life. They don’t understand how to pursue love, nor do they comprehend hatred. And so they do not change, nor do they grow old.

This star had been made from a seashell, scooped up out of the ocean.

When one of those people, who had already grown old and changed so much, who was not dead, but whose heart was dead, saw this star, a star that would never change, what feeling would arise in that person’s heart?

Other than the three people, who could know?

Part 2

April 19, before dusk.

The stars had not yet begun to shine.

The star was made from a beautiful and precious seashell. On the back were carved delicate designs, and two characters. It had obviously been carefully carved by a pair of extremely nimble hands.

Some seashells in the ocean are as precious as pearls, with radiance and luster which will never fade.

But this seashell appeared to be nothing more than a shell picked up off the beach by a pair of beautiful hands. It didn’t look like anything special.

Xiao Jun couldn’t help but ask: “You showed her that star?”


“Don’t tell me that after she saw the star she suddenly couldn’t fight back against you?”

“No, it’s not like that,” said Ingot. “After she saw the star, her hand started trembling, as did the rest of her body. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see her face, so I’m not sure her expression at the time.”

“She was wearing her mask?”


“Then how could she see you?”

Ingot laughed. “You’re a person who pays close attention to details, or at least that’s what you think. You believe nothing can slip past you.” He sighed. “Sadly, you are not like that at all.”


“Do you really think Gao Tianjue can’t see anything when she puts on her mask? If so, then how could I wear the mask to come here? And how could I know what expression is on your face? If you were as attentive as you think you are, you would have noticed that even though the mask does not have eyes, it does have two tiny holes, each a bit larger than the size of a needle, inlaid with pieces of crystal. When the mask is shining and glittering, I’m afraid only an incredibly bright, kid genius like myself would notice!”

Xiao Jun could only keep his mouth shut.

“Preventing others from seeing you is a mark of genius, but to pr

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