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amaliaverdezoto > Dragon King with Seven Stars > Chapter 21 – A small star, glittering
e a star a kid might make out of a seashell. But to some people, it seems to have a type of magical power.”

“Some people?” said Xiao Jun. “What people?”

“At the moment, I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Because right now, I don’t know. At the moment, I just know that it is absolutely useful in dealing with Gao Tianjue. More useful than the most fearsome weapon in the world.” [1]

That was enough. Just based on that alone, the value of this star was incredible.

For some people, this star could be considered far more valuable than the “turn iron into gold” star.

“So, let me ask you. Will you accept the bet?”

“I accept.”

Ingot tucked the star away, put on his mask, and tied the black headband on. “Then come with me.”

“Where are we going?”

“To find General Li.”

“You can find him?”

“Of course. I have no choice. Otherwise I have to give you my star.”

“Where is he?”

“On this ship, of course.”


Xiao Jun didn’t say anything.

He now believed Ingot, believed that General Li wasn’t dead, believed that Gao Tianjue, after seeing Ingot’s star, had allowed her acupuncture points to be sealed. But despite believing all that, he couldn’t believe that General Li was on the ship.

Part 3

The ship was lit with lanterns, even below decks. Not the shadow of a single person could be seen.

That was because this Gao Tianjue who wasn’t really Gao Tianjue had ordered, “Everyone go up top. No one is permitted to come down.”

Even though it was Ingot who gave this order, it was as effective as if it had been spoken by Gao Tianjue. This was because he wore the headband, mask, cloak and boots. All of these things were symbols of mysterious power, an irresistible authority.

No one had ever doubted this power and authority, and no one could have ever imagined that these symbols of Gao Tianjue could be “taken” away.


The area below decks was much larger than anyone who hadn’t been there could imagine. And there was even more space in the hull.

There was nothing in the hull. But without the hull, the boat would sink. And were it filled with objects, the boat would also sink. It was its emptiness that made it important, far more important than any other part of the ship.

There are many things in the world like this.

Part 4

There were about ten cabins below decks. People lived in some of them, others were filled with grain or other cargo.

Ingot took Xiao Jun along cabin by cabin. Though they didn’t even see the shadow of a person, Ingot was still filled with confidence.

“I know that you don’t believe General Li is on the ship,” said Ingot.

Xiao Jun had to admit it.

Then, Ingot asked him a very incredible question: “Why don’t you believe?”

Xiao Jun thought about the question for a while: “Because it’s just not possible. Who could possibly believe it?”

“So you are saying that it is impossible for him to be hiding on this ship.”


“I understand what you mean,” said Ingot with a smile. “Your way of thinking now is the same as it was two days ago, when you never imagined that we could be hiding in Jinan’s biggest prison.”

Xiao Jun understood what he meant.

If a person like General Li wanted to hide somewhere, he would pick a place no one would ever think to look.

“I get what you mean,” said Xiao Jun. “But did you ever think of how he could possibly get onto the ship?”

Ingot deliberately made a straight face, and in a very serious tone said, “It’s definitely not possible. There are people everywhere, all of them with very sharp eyes, none of them even half blind. General Li has no invisibility technique, nor the seventy-two transformation abilities of the Monkey King that would allow him to turn into a housefly and fly on board.” He let out a deliberate sigh. “When you think about it your way, he definitely could not come onboard.”

“Therefore, it is not possible for him to be on this ship.”


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