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Chapter 13 – A Silent Song for the Dead

Part 1

April 18. Night.

As Ingot sat in Big Boss Tang’s luxurious abode dining on delicious food and alcohol, Xiao Jun also was eating. He sat at a roadside stall, illuminated by a single lamp, eating a dish egg and onion stir-fried in lard.

Everyone must eat, regardless of whether they want to or not. If you don’t eat, you die.

There are many things in the world like this, things you have to do whether you want to or not.


Xiao Jun was not a picky eater. As long as something was edible, he would eat it. Most of the time, he didn’t notice the flavor of the food, and often, he didn’t even know what it was he ate.

This was because he was unlike most people in the world. Usually, when people’s mouths are in motion, their brains are not.

But Xiao Jun was different.

When he ate, he would think of many things, many questions. Right now, he was thinking about a very strange question.

He couldn’t stop from thinking: “Why am I not dead?”

From the previous night up until this moment, he had thought about this question over and over again, because in truth, he should have been dead.


The second time the lanterns had simultaneously been extinguished at As You Wish Gambling Hall, he had been holding a master-crafted, refined steel short sword modeled after “Fish Intestines,” one foot three inches long. [1]

In that fleeting moment, his body had already flown forward approximately three and a half meters. Wu Tao’s throat should have been right there, in the same position as his sword. He had already calculated its precise distance and position.

His calculations were always extremely precise.

The speed of his movement and sword could not be matched by anyone.

Of course, the sword attack contained secondary elements. As it stabbed forth, the power of the sword suppressed the movements of everyone within a radius six meters.

He put all the power, knowledge, experience and skill of a lifetime into this attack.

But the sword was empty.

Everything within the range of the attack was empty, completely empty. There was nothing. No light, no ability, no reaction, no result, absolutely nothing.

In that moment, Xiao Jun felt as if he were falling off of a building hundreds of meters tall, straight into a state of complete despair, a state of absolute powerlessness.

The most frightening thing was…

His own power seemed to have been emptied. It was as if some incomprehensible, impossible to resist force had sucked him dry.

At that moment, even a child could have knocked him over.

He had never experienced such a feeling before.

He now knew that he had encountered an unprecedentedly fearsome opponent, someone more frightening than anything which could appear in a person’s worst nightmares.

Even more horrifying, he could sense that this person had already sent a fatal attack flying towards him.

He could not not resist

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