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There were all kinds of people here—different people with different brilliance, like the ocean. Luo Qiu sat on a bench, quietly watching the cheerful people in the plaza.

He suddenly remembered the day when he got the position of club boss.

Back in that day, he seemed to be looking at the pedestrians on the street like this and then embarked on an unimaginable road.

Luo Qiu lowered his head. He opened his palm, and a small gift box appeared in his palm. The gift box slowly rose and then disappeared into the air.

Then, there came another small gift box. It happened like the previous box and disappeared after it rose in the air.

Her body was getting worse and worse. It was the ramifications bought by the poor environment that spanned twenty years. She slept on the hospital bed. Her awake time was getting less and less.

Fang Jiping knew that she didn’t have much time. So he stayed by her side every day.

Naturally, his girlfriend often accompanied him and visited her together. It was just that she couldn’t recognize anyone. She was sometimes sober, sometimes confused. Fang Jiping couldn’t say whether this was good or not, but whenever she dreamed of talking about the tiger baby, she smiled nicely.

Whose mother was not the warmest person in the world?

Tonight, Fang Jiping and his girlfriend did not go to any place for the holidays but came to the hospital as usual.

His girlfriend was serving hot water for her. The girlfriend was about to wipe her body while Fang Jiping was consulting the doctor about the situation. Finally, the doctor said her body was reaching the limit and asked him to be psychologically prepared.

No one saw, but a small box appeared out of thin air beside her pillow. It unwrapped autonomously. Stardust-like light scattered from the box and attached to her in the end.

When Fang Jiping dejectedly left the doctor’s office and returned to the ward, he happened to run into his girlfriend, who had returned from fetching water.

The two looked at each other and smiled. They cheered up and pushed the door in.

The moment they entered, both of them were taken aback. The young couple saw her wake up. At this time, she sat at the bedside and looked at them.

Her eyes were clear.


Fang Jiping knew that she was sober at this time and recognized him.

Zhuge was holding his girlfriend by the hand with joy, watching TV series at home. She said that she didn’t like going outside, so it was better to stay at home quietly.

Zhuge agreed with whatever place she wanted to go.

This was not an outstanding flirt, but it made his girlfriend smile sweetly.

Suddenly a text message came from the phone.

“Hey, it’s so late. Are they sales text messages?”

“I don’t know? Let me see.” Zhuge stood up reluctantly, picked up the phone from the table. He glanced and then blinked his eyes, “h.e.l.l no!”

“What’s the matter? What’s the fuss?”

“My wife, I s

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