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Chapter 2291: What Primordial Spirit Is That?

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Su Mo stood on the Sovereign’s finger and obtained a place as he had defeated the two gifted geniuses from Ghost Tribe.

He turned to look around and saw that the fight had not ended for the rest of the Sovereign’s fingers.

The skinny youth was fighting with the man from Demon Palace, and Ji Yuesong was still fighting fiercely with the team from Ghost Palace.

Ji Yuesong was under tremendous stress. There were several people in the team from Ghost Palace and their strength surpa.s.sed that of the other teams.

Fortunately, Ji Yuesong was a powerful gifted genius and he had great might.

He moved on steadily and started to take control of the situation. He gradually threw out the disciples from Ghost Palace from the Sovereign’s finger.

On another finger, a Rank 2 Advanced True G.o.d from Demon Palace was contesting with another Rank 2 True G.o.d from Heavenly Palace..

Is he Tu Ying? Su Mo fixed his gaze on the skinny youth.

The skinny youth’s strength was similar to Tu Ying’s, but his aura and appearance were different.

Su Mo reckoned that it was possible for Tu Ying to come to the Deity Plane based on the timeline.

After all, Tu Ying’s strength was not far from that of Su Mo back then. Thus, it was possible for him to possess the power to come to the Deity Plane after so many years.

However, if he was Tu Ying, why was he at Heavenly Palace? Why had he disguised himself?

Moreover, Tu Ying did not possess a Primordial Spirit, Blood Force, or a physical body. How had he managed to pa.s.s the three tests?

The skinny youth who looked like Tu Ying gathered the Void Power in an instant and attacked the gifted genius from Demon Palace ceaselessly.

The gifted genius from Demon Palace was equally powerful. He brandished his Demon Sword with great might and its power was overwhelming.

However, he was soon put down by the skinny youth’s attacks and it was a matter of time before he was defeated.

“Who is he?”

“Duan Jingtian is one dark horse, and here is another!”

“This guy is not as powerful as Duan Jingtian!”

The crowd felt overwhelmed by Su Mo’s power, and the skinny youth continued to amaze them.

This time around, two powerful martial artists with amazing combat strength had appeared.

“This is interesting!”

Tian Chenshan had ended the fight and he looked at Su Mo curiously.

He was aware of the skinny youth’s strength and thus he was not taken aback by him.

However, Duan Jingtian was extraordinary and he possessed amazing combat strength!

Boom! Boom! Rumble!

There were explosions as the fights went on. Soon, Ji Yuesong had defeated the team from Ghost Tribe and won.

The skinny youth was going strong. He had bashed up the gifted genius from Demon Palace.

After a while, the gifted genius from Demon Palace was thrown back by the skinny youth as he could no longer hold on.

The 10 people, including Su Mo, stood under the halos on the Sovereign’s 10 fingers.

The halos represented the 10 positions that had been taken up.

The 10 of them were Su Mo, the skinny youth from Heavenly Palace, Tian Chenshan from Heavenly Palace, Ji Yuesong and Lin Wushuang from Human Palace, Di Yang from Earth Palace, Gu Sheng from Ghost Palace, Gui Wuxue from Demon Palace, and Hua Xiaoque from Beast Palace.

The last person was from Beast Palace as well, and he was a burly youth.

All the disciples were impressed when they saw that the 10 positions had been taken up. They had expected the eight of them to occupy the fingers, except for Duan Jingtian and the skinny youth. These two people had taken them by surprise.

Chu Yan and Luo Yu had mixed feelings. They felt lousy seeing that Duan Jingtian had obtained a place.

Chu Yan had been setting himself against Duan Jingtian and he felt embarra.s.sed when he saw that Duan Jingtian had per

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