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amaliaverdezoto > I Might Be A Fake Cultivator > Chapter 2101 - Ultimate Battle Between the Two Paramount Heavenly Gods
Chapter 2101: Ultimate Battle Between the Two Paramount Heavenly G.o.ds

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“Heavenly Earth G.o.d, do you still not realize what’s going on?” An Lin appraised the ma.s.sive G.o.d standing before him with a calm smile on his face. “You are no longer powerful in my eyes.”

Darkness quickly began to surge from the chaotic vortex behind him as he spoke, forming a dark feather cloak that draped itself over his body.

The boundless power of the earth erupted from the Heavenly Earth G.o.d’s body in response, making the entire heaven and earth resonate, as he roared with rage, “An Lin! Don’t think that you’re invincible now! The fact that you wounded me only indicates that you are a worthy adversary!”

He waved a hand through the air, and the star chart rose into the heavens before completely merging into the sky. In that instant, the countless stars in the sky resonated with the Heavenly Earth G.o.d, exuding dazzling starlight, which crashed down upon An Lin in the form of relentless power of the stars.


Unimaginable pressure weighed down on An Lin’s body.

It was as if all of the power in the entire universe were trying to crush him to a pulp.

“I am the master of countless stars..

“Great Nebula Strike!”

The Heavenly Earth G.o.d pressed his hand down toward An Lin, and the boundless power of the stars hurtled forth like a torrential downpour. Starlight fell like a storm, shattering s.p.a.ce and pulverizing the earth.

An attack of that caliber could insta-kill a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure!

An Lin’s power of darkness seeped out from his divine seal to envelop his entire body. The Heavenly Earth G.o.d’s attacks then fell upon him, only to be completely engulfed and erased!

An Lin looked up at the spectacular scenery of countless stars falling from the sky. It was as if all of the stars in outer s.p.a.ce were aiming to crush him into nothingness. A normal Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure would have sh*t themself in the face of such a devastating attack, but his expression remained calm and collected, as if he were appreciating the beautiful scenery.

“If that’s all you’ve got, then I’m going to crush you with ease.”

An Lin chuckled.

The Heavenly Earth G.o.d’s eyes widened as he roared, “Come, moon!”

All stars, planets, and moons were constructed from matter, so they were under his jurisdictive power. He was going to summon all of the power he could to destroy An Lin!


Brilliant white moonlight erupted in the sky.

Right at that moment, in the eastern region of the Tai Chu Continent.

Chang’e raised her head to look up at the moon in the sky.

“You want to borrow my power? Keep dreaming!”

She waved a sleeve through the air and severed the connection between the Heavenly Earth G.o.d and the moon.

From An Lin’s perspective, it appeared that the moon in the sky had only just lit

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