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amaliaverdezoto > I Might Be A Fake Cultivator > Chapter 2102 - An Insanely Brutal Battle.
he most fearsome stars in the universe appeared in quick succession.

However, An Lin was no slouch either, and he unleashed one darkness spell technique after another, engulfing all the stars that came his way while looking for an opportunity to strike back at the Heavenly Earth G.o.d.

An insanely brutal battle commenced.

The Heavenly Sea G.o.d had never seen such an epic battle.

One planet was summoned after another, and he could sense that all of them were the real deal. They were all compressed to planets with a diameter of several million feet with hyper-condensed matter. The power of stars and the essential star core within them were all identical to the planets in outer s.p.a.ce.

Those notoriously powerful planets from the Realm of Stars were being hurled at An Lin for a dime per dozen, as if they were rocks being thrown in a children’s playfight.

Boundless darkness appeared to combat the onslaught, and no matter how fearsome the planet was, it would completely disappear into nothingness after falling into the darkness.

Of course, there were instances where An Lin made errors or was unable to support sufficient power output, and on those occasions, he would sustain wounds from the devastating attacks.

However, that didn’t matter as whenever he became too severely injured, darkness would envelop him, and when he re-emerged, he would be completely healed again!

An Lin was being struck by an onslaught of planets, and the Heavenly Earth G.o.d was also facing a storm of attacks from An Lin.

One darkness spell technique after another flew toward him, all of which possessed extremely potent penetrative power and permeability. They were able to tear through his defenses before puncturing and engulfing parts of his body.

In a short few dozens of exchanges, the Heavenly Earth G.o.d was struck by blades of darkness on sixteen occasions, the most damaging of which sliced his entire head in half. However, he was able to draw upon the boundless power of the earth from the Tai Chu Continent, thereby quickly helping him to recover.

Far away at Yue Tong City, the Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng United Army was already accustomed to seeing one planet after another raining down in the distance. They were already desensitized to those breathtaking scenes, and they were content as long as none of the planets fell upon them.

A battle of such epic proportions resembled the hallucinations one suffered during a fever dream. It made everyone feel as if their battle were insignificant, and that the only battle that actually mattered was the clash between the two G.o.ds.

As one planet was engulfed after another, the stars in the sky began to dim further and further.

An Lin was also growing more and more exhausted from unleas.h.i.+ng his power of darkness.

Both of them were paramount Heavenly G.o.ds, so their powers were theoretically limitless. However, the vessels housing those powers were restricted, and the power they could draw upon was limited as a result. After countless fierce clashes, both sides were getting very tired.

An Lin sliced the Heavenly Earth G.o.d in half with a sword strike, and as he absorbed the power of the earth to regenerate himself, his expression was twisted by pain and fury. At that same time, the amount of time that he took to recover was several times that of what was required in the past.

The Heavenly Earth G.o.d used the Cursed Demonic Star to crush An Lin, thereby forcing him to use his power of darkness to cleanse the boundless curse power imbued within the planet. That process also took several times longer than it had in the past.

Their battle had progressed past its climax and was slowly dying down into a more anticlimactic affair. The scenes they were creating weren’t as epic, but it was still a very grueling battle. As the battle wore on, the frequency at which they were getting injured actually increased rather than the other way around!


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