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Chapter 1083: The True Expert

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All the faction leaders and Path Seeking experts had looks of terror on their faces as they retreated frantically.

At the same time, the patriarch of the Jiang family was still aging. He now looked like he was in his eighties.

After that, the aging stopped and began to reverse.

At the same time, a golden light flashed above Tang Hao’s head. The little golden Natal Soul flew out, grabbed the Sky Sundering Spear, and threw it out viciously. It struck the patriarch’s chest with a bang.

His treasure robe flashed and blocked the attack. However, the shockwave still made him spit out blood and fly backward.

The Natal Soul grabbed the thunder blade, the golden cauldron, and all kinds of treasures to continue the attack, which made him spew blood continuously.. Finally, it breached the defense of the treasure robe, and wounds began to appear on his body.


The old monsters of the Jiang family were anxious. They rushed forward, grabbed the patriarch, and brought him away.

The entire area fell into a dead silence.

None of the people said a word.

They were completely stunned by what they saw.

The patriarch of the Jiang family, one of the most powerful figures of the First Continent, was beaten up mercilessly!

His opponent was only a kid who had just entered the State of the Nascent Soul!

Only the sound of the blowing wind was heard.


Suddenly, many people gulped at once.

Their faces had all turned pale with terror.

They wanted to see how the kid would die, but they did not expect to see something so shocking.

A mere Nascent Soul cultivator had defeated a faction leader in the latter period of the State of Path Seeking. That was entirely insane!

After recovering from their shock, despair appeared on the young men’s faces.

That guy was simply undefeatable!

The faction masters looked at each other and dared not move forward.

The patriarch’s miserable encounter had truly shocked them.

They were not sure if that kid would be able to use that technique again. If he could use it again, then it would be a very difficult fight.

For a moment, they all hesitated.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Tang Hao moved and appeared in front of the people of the Deathless Sect. He swung his cauldron, sent their Path-Chosen flying, captured him, and stored him in the ancient token together with the scarlet flood dragon.

His figure continued to flash as he abducted more Path-Chosen. In the blink of an eye, he had abducted six.

“What are you doing, Qin? Release them!”

“You despicable scoundrel!”

The faction leaders were hopping mad.

“Get out of the way!” Tang Hao said coldly. “If you dare attack me, don’t expect them to live either!”


“Don’t spare him. That kid is nothing but trouble. If you let him go, there will be

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