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Chapter 437: Chapter 437

Crackle, crack—


The deeper they went inside the forge, the hotter the heatwave became.

Su-hyeun thought that it really had been a long time since he felt this level of temperature. After acquiring the G.o.dhood of fire through the divine Flame, most fires came across as not even lukewarm to him.

Even the flames found in h.e.l.l wouldn’t be this hot; after all, h.e.l.l was supposed to be the place that imprisoned and punished regular beings, not G.o.ds, but what about this place? Not even G.o.ds would find it easy to just waltz in and stay.

“It’s rather toasty in here,” he thought. Even someone who possessed the G.o.dhood of fire as Su-hyeun found this place just a bit hotter than usual.

Surprisingly, the one under most distress turned out to be Hades. “This place still remains as unpleasant as always,” he said.

Apollo, a G.o.d who possessed the highest-tier G.o.dhood related to fire, didn’t even shed a single sweat, but his uncle Hades had to rouse up a considerable amount of his own strength to withstand the high temperature. Thanks to his strength, he managed to prevent himself from being cooked alive, but even then, his pride as the G.o.d in charge of h.e.l.l was in danger of being trampled on.

“But Honorable Uncle, I’ve already recommended you to wait outside.”

“Do not even bring that up. What do you expect me to do outside all by myself?” Hades replied with some irritation when Hephaestus addressed him. It seemed that not even G.o.ds could do something about their moods souring rapidly when they were subjected to intense heat.

“We’re here.”

They reached the end of a long corridor that led to the workshop. Beyond it was a huge open s.p.a.ce, its ceiling easily reaching dozens of meters.

The interior of this open s.p.a.ce was heated up at the moment; the temperature here was so high that all the walls were radiating in crimson. With things like this, it would be no different than walking straight into a furnace.

Su-hyeun asked, “Is this where you do your work?”

“Normally, yes. However, I don’t particularly care about locations. For a master craftsman, this is all I need, after all,” Hephaestus replied while picking up a hammer resting next to the entrance.


This hammer was emitting a somewhat warm and gentle golden light—it was none other than the very hammer Hephaestus personally used.

“Does that hammer have some kind of special power?” Su-hyeun asked while inquisitively staring at the hammer that Hephaestus held up with so much pride.

But the G.o.d of Blacksmithing resolutely shook his head, “No, not really. I do not discriminate on my equipment choices. Even if it’s not this hammer, others will do just fine.”

“Which means your hammer is not really a special treasure or anything like that, unlike the items used by the other G.o.ds, in other words.”

When Su-hyeun said that, Hephaestus’ expression crumpled ever so s

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