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The stars painted above me in the grand sky ,were beautiful. It is unknown the number of stars in the silent space, and that's was just incredible, in all the years humans have lived on the planet ,or will live, we will never have an exact number. The chilly breezes that casually drifted by gave a warmth to the atmosphere of the conversation with Mariah. Although just a friend i felt a connection, we had both been through alot and yet here we are. The memories from that night sank deep in my mind. We never talked again after that night, maybe it was because we were afraid of people knowing how broken we truly are ,but it did not matter.

As the new school year crept forward and summer came to its end, I began to text my friends from last year. I strived to get mentally ready, ready to get all the girls and be a damn genius. The year began and it seemed to be going by fast. I made a few friends but nothing truly special. I occasionally glanced over at a girl in my spanish she was truly a work of God. She had curly blonde hair and she had a vivacious personality . She had a great smile and also seemed quiet. Her short self was compensated by her great fashion sense. As the month progressed i didn't think much of her, she seemed out of my league but was too pretty to let go.

I began shifting my sights to a different girl i felt that she wasn't my type she was pretty but not my personal want. I kept to my word and began to talk to many girls it was tuff juggling all these relationships at once but I had no sympathy for the feelings i've hurt. I had been hurt before and didn't care for the future girls I hurt. Lunch seemed like the only easy part of the day. At lunch I occasionally hung out with a new friend i made. He was a African American, 15 year old named Paris. He was kind of awkward but I didn't care my reputation was solid, so hanging with him wouldn't hurt it. The only class we had was football and lunch so that seemed to be the only times we talked. Football was not really hard due to the fact that me and him being lanky and tall the coaches never really gave us a good look.We had a conversation about how rappers had it easy during a football practice. The money they had awed him, I felt it was stupid they made that much money and they wasted it on pointless things.

We spent the practice arguing about how rappers spend money when he had an idea to become a rapper. I offered to help him and he took it the wrong way, as soon as I offered he began to create plans for the songs. I was completely shook by the idea but i let it happen because it seemed fun. The best thing about being a rapper wasn't the fame or the music it was the exposure in the diverse crowds in the school. Although i didn't really wanna be a rapper, being a rapper was fun it seemed to give a certain touch to my personality that I admired.

School began to speed by as a rapper, many said i had to take the role of a rapper which came as no surprise. My first song was a fairly decent song in mine and many others opinion.

The time flew by as we tried making new songs but we never go to it, or at least I didn't. Many girls started approaching me with was bad since i had just began talking to Nicole. I was confused to why a girl like Nicole, beautiful and nice, would wanna talk to me. I felt obligated to stay loyal and committed to her, so i avoided other girls. After about two weeks of talking we decided to go out.

I remember it was a cold cloudy day but the ambiance of being with her made the day feel beautiful. We went to the movies and i felt tense ,because i felt she maybe wanted a type of "friends only" date. She must of caught on because midway in the movie she grabbed my arm and kind of hugged me, I felt a little more eased and happy. The night seemed magical after a while we ended up just holding hands and hugging it seemed more of a couple thing than a sexual relationship. We ended up having a closer tie with each other af

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