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Chapter 1894: Disable Sun Xiangming

“Who’s Sun Xiangming?” asked Gu Ning.

“Sun Xiangming is the chairman of Qiancaoji Medicinal Materials Company. Because he wanted to be involved in the production of medicines, he tried to cooperate with Colaine. After being rejected by Ning Changkai, he turned to me through his connections. I also turned him down, so he used coercion and bribery. Although his company is only a third-rate pharmaceutical company in the industry, Sun Xiangming is a relative of the Chang family, a top family in the capital, so he disdains us. I refused to help him, so he became angry. I also warned him not to cause us trouble, but obviously he didn’t take it seriously,” Chen Cangyi said. Although he said it in a flat voice, there was coldness in his eyes.

Chen Cangyi was undoubtedly angry at the fact that Sun Xiangming hired a bunch of gangsters to hurt them. If it hadn’t been for Gu Ning, they could have been badly injured. They might not have been killed, but they could have been disabled.

Gu Ning coldly stared at the man next to her feet and asked, “What’s your name?”

“M-My name is Qian Dongliang,” said the man.

“What did Sun Xiangming want you to do to them?” asked Gu Ning.

“Sun Xiangming ordered us to disable them,” said Qian Dongliang.

Hearing that, Gu Ning looked angrier. “Great, very well, if so, go disable Sun Xiangming and pay for a new car of the same model, then I can let you go. You don’t need to pay for the medical fee for their injuries.”

It wasn’t because Gu Ning was tolerant, but because K and Chen Cangyi weren’t seriously injured. Moreover, they had taken Gu Ning’s power crystal, so they would be fine the next day.

“Um…” Qian Dongliang hesitated.

He could pay for a new car. Although it wasn’t cheap, he could afford it. It cost about five hundred thousand yuan, so the eight of them could pay about eighty thousand yuan each, which would be enough.

They were bodyguards, but they had saved a lot of money by secretly solving problems for other people.

However, Sun Xiangming had a good relations.h.i.+p with Tian who was their supervisor. If they went to disable Sun Xiangming, they wouldn’t be able to explain it to Tian. That was the reason why they felt cornered.

“What? Aren’t you willing to do that?” Gu Ning gave the man a cold glare.

Qian Dongliang trembled in fear. “N-No, we can pay for a new car, but Sun Xiangming has a good relations.h.i.+p with Tian who’s our supervisor, so we’re afraid…”

“What’s his position in the Kirin Gang?” asked Gu Ning.

“Tian is the manager of the Security Department of Kirin Security Company,” said Qian Dongliang.

In Gu Ning’s eyes, the manager of the Security Department of Kirin Security Company was merely n.o.body, so she didn’t think that he had great power.

“Tell Tian what happened today. If he dares to doubt it or stop you from doing what I told you to do, tell him to be prepared for the result. I can give y

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