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Chapter 939: The last mountain is for ourselves

“No.” P5092 refuted, “As the future commander, why’re you risking your life by going behind enemy lines alone at a time like this?”

“But I’m the most suitable person to handle this matter, aren’t I?” Ren Xiaosu chuckled and said, “w.a.n.g Yun, how long can the provisions at our defensive position last?”

w.a.n.g Yun said, “If we don’t ration them, we still have enough to last us another ten days. I had thought the w.a.n.g Consortium would continue transporting supplies over, so I didn’t plan for any rationing. But who could’ve expected the expeditionary army to act so quickly? The w.a.n.g Consortium can’t transport their supplies over anymore. If we reduce the quant.i.ty of food to be distributed, we should still be able to last for another 15 days. After all, fighting a battle expends physical strength, so we can’t reduce it by too much.”

Ren Xiaosu asked P5092, “How long do you think this defensive battle will go on for?”

P5092 thought for a moment and said, “Around 20 days or so.”

“So if you get the others to go, even if they really manage to hara.s.s the expeditionary army’s supply convoys, they won’t be able to bring back the supplies. But if I go, it’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Not only can I hara.s.s them, but I can also solve the problem of the supply shortage at our defensive position.”

“But the defensive position needs you more.” P5092 said, “If you aren’t around and those heavily armored warriors suddenly appear, how’s the defensive position going to deal with them? It’s not time for our troops to resort to using the firebombs yet. We have to wait for the expeditionary army to get more aggressive before we start using them.”

P5092 had previously said that if the expeditionary army used their trump card and sent out the heavily armored warriors into battle all at once, he would give them a surprise.

And this surprise was the incendiary bombs brought by the 6th Combat Brigade. No matter how amazing the defensive strength of the heavy armor was, they were not fireproof.

In P5092’s plan, although there would definitely be sporadic elite barbarians breaking through the defensive position in the early stages, he wanted this trump card to be kept for the most critical of moments. If they could inflict heavy losses to the enemy’s heavily armored troops in one fell swoop, that would be a great victory for them!

But before that, Ren Xiaosu would have to be the one to deal with those elites who suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

If a high-level combatant like Ren Xiaosu was not at the defensive position, they would probably be forced to use the incendiary bombs prematurely.

Yang Xiaojin suddenly stepped forward. “I can take care of a few sporadic expeditionary army elites during the early stages. As long as they don’t number more than a 100, I’m confident they won’t be able to breach the defensive position. I just need Ji Zi’ang to build a sniper’s nest for me in the mountain behind the defensive position.”

The rear of the defensive position was backed by a perilous peak. If they could create a sniper’s nest in the interior of that mountain, there would be no need to worry about Yang Xiaojin’s safety.

Ren Xiaosu asked, “Are you sure?”

Yang Xiaojin said in a relaxed manner, “I’ve taken a look at the heavy armor they’re wearing. Standard armor-piercing bullets will be enough to deal with them. One shot and they’re dead for sure. And if they didn’t get bogged down by the heavy armor, it might really be difficult for me to hit them judging by how fast they can move. There would be a chance I would miss if that were the case, but I’m a 100% sure now.”

Ren Xiaosu understood what Yang Xiaojin meant. For normal firearms, heavy armor was indeed very effective against them. But if it was the black sniper rifle paired with armor-piercing bullets, it would be truly dumb of the barbarians to carry such a burde

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