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“Pang Guang!” After he saw the person’s face, Yang Kai immediately gritted his teeth and snarled.

The ambusher in his cave mansion was none other than Marsh City’s City Lord, Pang Guang who came here with him!

A few days ago, before Yang Kai left Clear Sky City, he b.u.mped into Pang Guang once by chance; however, the two of them had just brushed each other off on that day, neither of them greeting each other, yet now they had run into each other again here.

Staring ahead, Yang Kai’s face turned dark and a dense murderous intent welled up in his heart.

Because at this moment, Pang Guang had his hand on top of Liu Xian Yun’s head, his strength condensed in his palm, as if he could take Liu Xian Yun’s life away at any moment!

Yang Kai had no idea why Pang Guang was here and why he took Liu Xian Yun hostage, but he had to be cautious about this situation lest she be hurt.

With Liu Xian Yun’s life held hostage, her tender body trembled and her pretty face paled. When she saw that Yang Kai had been hurt, she couldn’t help but yell out to him, “Senior Brother…” Her beautiful eyes were filled with worry and anxiety, as well as a strong sense of guilt and self-blame.

That day, before leaving Clear Sky City, Yang Kai had asked if she wanted to follow him, but Liu Xian Yun chose to stay. Now, it seemed like she made the wrong choice. If she had followed Yang Kai, then she would never have been taken hostage and used to threaten him.

The day before, she had only gone out for a while and did not leave far, just visiting the cave mansion of Ling Yin Qin and the others to get herself familiarized with her surroundings. They were going to be neighbours anyway, so it was good to meet them often. In the meantime, it was an opportunity to move about.

But on the way back, she was targeted by Pang Guang, and as soon as she entered the cave mansion, she was subdued.

“I’m fine!” Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Liu Xian Yun, “He didn’t do anything to you, did he?”

Liu Xian Yun slowly shook her head, “No, he was just waiting for you to come back!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel relieved as he turned a cold glare to Pang Guang and said gloomily, “City Lord Pang, isn’t it a little shameful for you to be doing this?”

Pang Guang coldly snorted, but there was a trace of awkwardness in his expression. Indeed, for an Emperor Realm Master like him to sneak into someone else’s home and hold a girl whose cultivation was much weaker than his own hostage, it would definitely hurt his reputation.

“Little brat, I’ll be straight with you,” Pang Guang said in a deep voice that sounded a little out of breath, “This King came here for one purpose only. Hand over your Heavenly Restoration Lotus and I’ll let her go immediately!”

Yang Kai had the Heavenly Restoration Lotus, a fact Pang Guang had known about since they met in Marsh City. He also knew how precious the Heavenly Restoration Lotus was, otherwise, he wouldn’t have sneakily followed behind Yang Kai and Yao Chang Jun. He intended to find an opportunity to fish in troubled waters, but didn’t expect to encounter the Solitary Void Great Maelstrom and be sucked into this Solitary Void Sealed World.

“You want the Heavenly Restoration Lotus?” Yang Kai raised his brow and swept his eyes over Pang Guang, immediately realizing something and grinned, “City Lord Pang, is your dantian damaged, or is it your Soul?”

The use of the Heavenly Restoration Lotus was to repair a damaged dantian or Soul. Yao Chang Jun fought him for it that day because his Soul was injured, and now, Pang Guang clearly wanted the Heavenly Restoration Lotus for a similar reason.

It was no wonder this guy looked short of breath, it seemed he was heavily injured somehow. He must have fought with some Master which ended in him being badly wounded. Even though Pang Guang was a First-Order Emperor, it was still not easy for him to recover his strength in C

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