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Chapter 1239: Replace Them

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Even though Gu Changshu had a quiet personality, he seemed to really love his wife, Gu Junhui. Those who could love others were those with weaknesses.

Ah Zhu returned to the private room, satisfied, and told Brother Ding what he had heard.

Ah Zhu smiled. “Brother Ding, I told the manager to waive the bill for them. I saw how careful they were when they ordered the dishes. I was afraid that they would not be able to pay for the extra dishes. Before I worked for you, I was not any better than Gu Changshu and his wife. Luckily, I met you, Brother Ding. Come, let me toast to you. I am thankful that you brought me great fortune and helped me reach the peak of my life!”

“Ah Zhu, you are very good at talking!” The woman next to Brother Ding praised him. Her 40-year-old face was covered with heavy makeup, and her nails were also covered with red nail polish.. She sat there in a mink fur coat. At a glance, she looked like a lady.

Jiang Yao recognized the woman. Everyone called her Sister Wen. She had been Brother Ding’s lover for a very long time that everyone thought she was his wife.

However, Brother Ding’s actual wife and his mother were in his hometown in the countryside. They knew that Brother Ding was in some shady business. After many failed attempts to persuade him to stop, Brother Ding’s mother cut off all contact with him. Even his wife and children had not contacted him for a long time. Brother Ding’s wife stayed in his hometown to care for their children and his parents.

Their informant said that Sister Wen had been with Brother Ding for nearly ten years. He was very tolerant of her and her daughter,

Sister Wen met Brother Ding when she brought her only daughter to Shu City after her husband died. Brother Ding treated Sister Wen’s daughter as if she was his own daughter.

However, Jiang Yao did not see Sister Wen’s daughter in the private room. The informant had minimal information about Sister Wen’s daughter. Her daughter was not in Shu City very much, so the informant did not know her position in that gang and what kind of work she did.

“You did well. You have to show those country bumpkins the life of a rich man.” Brother Ding was elated by Ah Zhu’s praise. He clinked his glass with Ah Zhu and downed the wine in one gulp before he said, “Now is the time to hire new people. Arrange a few people to keep an eye on those two to see if they’re really here to make money. If we can use them, it will also solve my urgent need to hire people.”

Ah Zhu asked with an expectant look, “Brother Ding, are you going to expand your business? Then it looks like I can make a lot of money this year!”

Perhaps it was because he had drunk too much wine, or maybe he was happy that Ah Zhu had flattered him, Brother Ding did not hide the news. He told Ah Zhu and the others in the private room

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