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Chapter 623: Good and Obedient

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Little did they know that these few posts were made by Cui Tong.

After Cui Tong reposted it, she grabbed Xia Xibei’s phone and reposted it again.

She said while reposting, “At this time, you have to repost. You can’t lose this opportunity, or the publicity will be wasted….”

Xia Xibei watched Cui Tong’s actions, the corners of her mouth twitching.

She moved her mouth, but finally closed it.

Forget it, let Cui Tong get high by herself..

However, this incident did bring her a lot of popularity.

After all, this was a major social event. Plus, she was in the entertainment industry, so there was plenty of attention when the two were combined.

“Wow, have you saved others before?” Cui Tong suddenly looked up and asked.


Xia Xibei froze for a moment.

“It says here that you saved some elementary school students a few months ago,” Cui Tong said, pointing to the phone.

“Oh, that…” Xia Xibei replied. “Yes, it was a man who wanted to seek revenge, and he wanted to make a move on elementary school students.”

“Wow! Awesome!” Cui Tong was in awe and looked at Xia Xibei with amazingly bright eyes. “Sister Bei, you are really selfless and passionate!”

Xia Xibei was speechless.

“I should be the one calling you older sister.”

Cui Tong was 26 years old, more than eight years older than Xia Xibei. It was clear who was older, wasn’t it?

“No, no, no! You are the older sister!” Cui Tong nodded emphatically. “I want to depend on you!”


Xia Xibei held her forehead, speechless.

Early this morning, Cui Tong went straight to her and couldn’t be shaken off.

When Cui Tong got up this morning, she found that her acne was gone, her skin was smooth, and after weighing herself, she hadn’t gained any weight!

Cui Tong became very excited, and after having a big breakfast, she pestered Xia Xibei like a stalker.

Cui Tong was much more active than before, even in the retweeting of this matter.

Even her agent thought it was amazing. Cui Tong had never been this facetious before.

It seemed that this life-saving grace was indeed quite powerful.

“Sister Bei, how do you take care of your skin?” Cui Tong put down her phone and came over again. If she had a tail, it would have wagged.

“Tonight, after work, come to my room. I will help you take a look.”

Although Xia Xibei was speechless, she was not going to refuse the business delivered to her door.

“Take a look for me?” Cui Tong looked bewildered and confused. “How to look? Look at what?”

“You’ll know when the time comes.”

“Good! I’ll come over tonight!” Cui Tong nodded decisively, well behaved.

“Now go and work hard!” Xia Xibei couldn’t resist patting her head.


The two agents on the side looked at each other, speechless while staring at the scene.

Cui Tong’s agent was in a trance. Since when did Cui Tong become so well behaved?


Cui Tong had always been capricious and arrogant. Never mind obedience, she was nice enough not to get mad at you.

So why was she so obedient in front of Xia Xibei?

Surely, besides saving her life, becoming beautiful was her biggest motivation!

Not only was the agent surprised, others in the crew were also dumbfounded.

Although it was the first time they worked with Cui Tong, who hadn’t heard of her reputation?

But today’s Cui Tong was different from before! She was especially obedient!

Then they saw Xia Xibei on the side, and everyone admired her even more.

Due to this, the entire crew’s attitude towards Xia Xibei changed a lot. In the work that followed, everyone was much warmer to her.

In the afternoon, just after she finished work, Xia Xibei received a call from Qiao Yanjue.

He was now in Z City, and he wanted her to join him for dinner.

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