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Dragon Emperor, Martial God

Author: Bu Zheng

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Updated: 2021-10-01 22:59:17

Latest chapter: 734 Seven Big Families, Looking Down on the Ancient Martial Arts

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《Dragon Emperor, Martial God》Latest chapter
734 Seven Big Families, Looking Down on the Ancient Martial Arts
733 The Capital's Top Ten Beauties
732 Passing Judgment on Everything, Ling Family’s Courtyard
731 Three Matters, Absolute Strength!
730 The Ling Family’s Fourth Young Master. Ling Zhen Reveals His Hand!
729 Defensive Measures
728 Shocking News, the Magical Shadow!
727 Terrifying Absorption Ability
726 The Ling Family’s Dungeon, Interrogating Chen Haizhen
725 Ling Hao’s Tragedy
724 Astounding Big Sister Ling Xiu
723 Martial Arts Absorption Skill, Training for Murder
《Dragon Emperor, Martial God》' main text
734 Seven Big Families, Looking Down on the Ancient Martial Arts
733 The Capital's Top Ten Beauties
732 Passing Judgment on Everything, Ling Family’s Courtyard
731 Three Matters, Absolute Strength!
730 The Ling Family’s Fourth Young Master. Ling Zhen Reveals His Hand!
729 Defensive Measures
728 Shocking News, the Magical Shadow!
727 Terrifying Absorption Ability
726 The Ling Family’s Dungeon, Interrogating Chen Haizhen
725 Ling Hao’s Tragedy
724 Astounding Big Sister Ling Xiu
723 Martial Arts Absorption Skill, Training for Murder
722 Telekinesis, Yin-Yang Vortex
721 Repaying the Blood Debt With Blood
720 The Rise of the Ling Family Is Just Around the Corner!
719 Rejuvenated
718 Meridians Cleansing, Ling Lie's Cultivation Rose Dramatically
717 Extravagant Defiance of Heaven
716 Future Head of the Ling Family
715 Immense Affection
714 Returning Home!
713 Duel? The Whole Lot of Us Will Duel You!
712 Destroying Your Genitals With One Kick
711 Ling Yun Has Arrived!
710 The Most Dangerous Momen
709 The Passionate Ling Family, Unafraid of Death
708 Bloody Battle! Death Battle!
707 The Ling Family in Danger!
706 Butchering Chuunin, Winning the First Battle
705 Those Below Xiantian Realm Level Seven Are Ants?
704 Shooting a Huge Bird
703 Completely Destroyed!
702 Killing Spree
701 One Versus Many
700 Salvation
699 Twiligh
698 The Weapons Workshop and Man of Sacrifice of the Ling Family!
697 Golden Bow and Silver Arrows
696 Two Loyal and Outstanding Servants
695 Mutation of the Blood Clan! Ling Yun’s Miracle!
694 The Dark Storm! Too Cool to Be True!
693 Won in a Single Battle! Enormous Rewards!
692 Duel With Chen Jianwei Part Two
691 Duel With Chen Jianwei Part One
690 Scouting the Chen Family Late at Night, Encountering Chen Sen
689 Armillary Sphere Maze Formation, Savior
688 Abdication
687 Obliteration
686 Unforgivable!
685 Evil Eye
684 Breaking Into the Cao Family for the Rescue Mission!
683 I’m Going to Destroy the Chen Family!
682 Low Profile Into Beijing City
681 The Might of the Human Sovereign! The Sabbat of the Blood Clan!
680 The Chen Family Again!
679 Ling Yun Is Satan to the Blood Clan!
678 No Use in Transforming!
677 Violent Beating of the Blood Clan
676 First War With the Blood Clan
675 Ling Yun Leaves Qingshui
674 I Finally Meet Ling Yun! A Hot-Blooded Man’s Tears!
673 Cao Tianlong on the Run!
672 On the Verge of Goodbye, the Shichiyou Pill!
671 Attaining the First Minor Realm! The Pinnacle of Physique Tempering Stage Nine!
670 Oath
669 Eighteen Years Ago, the Night of the Torrential Rain!
668 It's Really You
667 Bodhi Bead
666 Devoted Feixue, Lingjue Temple
665 Heavenly Seal, Half-Immortal
664 Goodbye
663 So Lost Without You
662 Mastermind
661 The Four Great Blessings! Admitting Defeat!
660 Flirtatious Young Woman
659 You Are Down on Your Luck
658 Ling Yun Versus Gambling Masters
657 Deciding Outcome
656 Reason
655 Healing
654 Anticipation
653 The Two-Faced Ling Yun
652 Green Dragon
651 Gentle Chivalry
650 The Corpse Powder, the Divine Yang
649 Stealing Her Hear
648 Treating the Illness
647 Embarrassed by Ling Yun!
646 An Annoyed Ling Yun!
645 Set His Sight on the World!
644 The New Boss of Green Dragon
643 The Most Awesome Cheating in History
642 Lingyu's Secre
641 The Musings at the College Entrance Examinations 2
640 The Musings at the College Entrance Examinations 1
639 Before the College Entrance Examinations, Big Brother Yun Gives Out Welfare!
638 Sprint! Adultery!
637 A Brother's Worry
636 Dragon Elephant Divine Force, Black Yellow Sutra
635 Taking Care of Two Nouveau Riches! Spit Out What You Took From Me!
634 I’ll Protect the Lin Family
633 The Might of Fists
632 Intense Revenge! Enemies Cross Paths Again
631 Fifteen Billion Yuan
630 The Spendthrift's Heaven-Defying Performance
629 Cutting the King of Stones! Soul-Enticing Imperial Green Jade!
628 The Treasure of the Shop, Into the Pocke
627 One Who Is Down on Their Luck, the Real King of Stones!
626 100% Right! Dumbfounded!
625 F*cking Good Luck!
624 Domineering Aura!
623 Shocking Purchase of the King of Stones
622 Buying Everything in the Midst of Mockery!
621 End of the Shopping Spree
620 The Forgotten King of Stones
619 Sweeping the Spirit Stones!
618 Green Dragon Out at Sea
617 Obtaining the Treasure and Getting the Woman
616 Giving the Heavenly Seal, Asking for Treasure
615 Her Heart Was Se
614 Proved Utterly Wrong!
613 Proving Her Wrong!
612 Insolent Fools!
611 Arrogant Nouveau Riches
610 Discovering a Treasure! A Shield?
609 The Tianxi Pavilion
608 Free Spirit Stone! God of Stone Gambling?
607 Kill the World With You!
606 With Me Here, the Ling Family Won’t Perish!
605 Unstable Ling Family! Disaster in the Past!
604 Spatial Improvement, Divine Willow Wood, Supreme Azure Emperor Art!
603 Returning to Rightful Place! Drastic Dead Wood Change!
602 New Lease on Life! Acknowledging Relations!
601 Cui Lao's Gift!
600 Qin Qiuyue's Explanation!
599 Ling Yun’s Identity Exposed!
598 Breakthrough to Physique Tempering Stage Eigh
597 Assassins! Ambush!
596 The End Is Nigh!
595 Secretly Smug
594 How Many Dramas Would Seven Beauties Create?
593 So Many Beauties After Ling Yun! Room Wars!
592 Feigning Illness
591 The Power of Lighting! Curing Madness!
590 Shocking! Ling Yun's Earth-Shaking Change!
589 Immortal Doctor!
588 Prelude!
587 Femme Fatale! Twenty-Two Patients!
586 Antagonism?
585 Becoming a Billionaire! Insults Again!
584 A Gift From the Heavens!
583 Spirit Cultivation Cosmos Stone!
582 Shocking Gift! 2
581 Shocking Gift! 1
580 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! Huge Prosperity!
579 The Arrival of Multiple Goddesses?
578 Arrival of the Most Powerful Man in Qingshui City!
577 Meeting Cui Lao Again!
576 Profit and Earnings! Qingshui City Goes Crazy!
575 A Series of Shocks! It’s About to Explode!
574 The Five Nouveau Riches’ Shock and Regret!
573 A Surprise Gift! Monstrous Jealousy!
572 Grand Opening of the Clinic! Chasing the Nouveau Riches Away!
571 Grand Opening of the Clinic! Breathtaking Beauties!
570 Grand Opening of the Clinic!
569 Angry Ling Yun!
568 Ling Yun Receives the Nine Needles, Five Elements!
567 Raging Waves Internal Skill, Miao Xiaomiao's Gif
566 Physique Tempering Stage Seven, Materializing Qi!
565 Earth-Shattering Truth! Ling Lie From the Ling Family!
564 Earth-Shuttering Truths! The Dragon Control Tactic of the Long Family!
563 Earth-Shattering Truth! Green Dragon Jade!
562 The Anger and Shock of an Old Man!
561 Losing Money! Puzzled!
560 I'll Marry Him Eventually!
559 Father-Son Combination, Seven Tigers of Qingshui
558 Nouveau Riche Prelude! Marvelous Maneuver!
557 Jealou-Sea and 500 Million Yuan Gift!
556 Young Master?
555 Difficult Techniques, Level Four Talisman Charms
554 Buying Luxury Yachts, Fixing Acupuncture Points, and Imparting Legendary Skills!
553 Spirit Potency Ar
552 Cultivating Like Crazy! What Is the Art of Gu?
551 Night Exploration
550 Unexpected Reward
549 Visiting the Lake
548 Trouble in the Cao Family!
547 Beware
546 Moving House
545 Long Way to Go
544 Setting One Thing Righ
543 It Was Him
542 Investigating the Monitoring System
541 New Lead, Great Rewards!
540 Dying for Wealth!
539 Interrogating the Enemy’s Wife
538 Leave Everything to Me
537 The Military Vehicle Obstructs the Road
536 Escaping With His Tail Between His Legs
535 Something’s Not Right!
534 Sitting on Tenterhooks
533 Burning Brow!
532 A Beautiful Girl’s Favor
531 Quick Money
530 Dismissal! Prelude!
529 Come Out, All of You!
528 Who Is More Unreasonable!
527 Where Is My Pride? Arrest Him!
526 Cooking Dumplings in Qingshui Lake
525 Conflic
524 The Relocation of Ning Er and News on Shanshan
523 Xian Er Causing Trouble
522 Busy Ling Yun
521 Ordinary People's Clinic
520 On the Trail of the Enemy
519 Liquefying Spiritual energy
518 Qin Dongxue Advances, Imparting the Ninth Killing Technique
517 Inadequate Strength, Forewarned is Forearmed
516 Racing Hear
515 Qin Dongxue's Punishmen
514 Devil Abolishing Conference
513 Deity Sword Mountain Villa, Nice to Meet You
512 Mysterious Gues
511 Punishmen
510 Appeasemen
509 The Poor Nouveau Riche of the Long Family
508 Long Family’s Interest, Annulling the Marriage!
507 A Huge Shame, Secret Family Order!
506 Cuckold!
505 Ling Yun Secretly Delighted and Appeared!
504 Love Rival at the Door!
503 Making Dozens of Luxury Cars His Own!
502 Heaven Devil Elimination
501 Bullying the Holy Virgin of the Devil Sec
500 Xiao Meimei’s Information
499 Terrifying Devil’s Ability, the Overwhelming Devil Woman!
498 The Assassins Organization Returns. A Mysterious Female Appears!
497 Preparing to Attack Tranquil Sec
496 Playing Dumb
495 Slipped
494 Xian Er’s Lesson
493 Eyes That See Through
492 Human and Demon
491 Absolutely Beautiful City
490 Qin Dongxue's Worries
489 Outlaw!
488 First Meeting Between Love Rivals and Between Older Brother and Younger Sister
487 B*tchy Hypocrite
486 The Huaxia Storm
485 Free and Unfettered
484 Xian Er's Hatred!
483 The Most Impressive Tribulation in History!
482 Recovering From a Seemingly Impossible Situation! Utilizing All Trump Cards!
481 Nine-Colored Tribulation Cloud! Accompany You in Death!
480 Endless Benefits, Magical Transformation!
479 The Heartless Heavens, Battling With Heaven!
478 Breaking Through Physique Tempering Stage Seven! The Magical Yin-Yang Eye!
477 Ling Yun Breaks Through the Realm by Tribulation! Xian Er Follows to Death’s Door!
476 The Lightning Tribulation Strikes!
475 Stunning Beauty
474 Ling Yun Breaks Through! Xian Er Transforms!
473 Heavenly Fox, Frightening Lightning Tribulation!
472 Xian Er's Conviction, Terrifying Ninth Killing Sword!
471 Hundred Man Slaughter
470 The Tribulation Stage 4
469 The Tribulation Stage 3
468 The Tribulation Stage 2
467 The Tribulation Stage 1
466 Bai Xianer
465 The Truth Behind Tribulations! First Cave Abode on Earth!
464 Boiling With Passion, Planting Our National Flag!
463 Landing on the Island Forcefully, Showing Off the Strength of My Country! 5
462 Landing on the Island Forcefully, Showing Off the Strength of My Country! 4
461 Landing on the Island Forcefully, Showing Off the Strength of My Country! 3
460 Landing on the Island Forcefully, Showing Off the Strength of My Country! 2
459 Landing on the Island Forcefully, Showing Off the Strength of My Country! 1
458 Warning
457 Going Out to Sea
456 Shocking Cultivation Speed!
455 Guided Cultivation
454 The First Step of a Long Journey
453 An Unimaginable Sight!
452 Amazing and Rich!
451 Turning the Spine Into a Golden Dragon! I’ll Teach Lingyu!
450 Ling Yun!
449 Overlord!
448 Investigate the Enemy by Following the Vine!
447 Scent of the Enemy!
446 Profiting From a Misfortune
445 Is It Really a Vixen?
444 Little White's Transformation
443 Arctic Ice Technique
442 Qingshui City’s Immortal King!
441 Extravagant Dragon Saliva, Ginseng, and Chinese Knotweeds!
440 The True Princess! Ling Yun as a Chef!
439 Making a Comeback!
438 I've Spoiled Her
437 Green Dragon Is Actually Mine?
436 Miserable Rumor Monger!
435 The Invincible Overlord on Campus!
434 Havoc in the Principal’s Office 3
433 Havoc in the Principal’s Office 2
432 Havoc in the Principal’s Office 1
431 Ling Yun's Stage! Serving Justice!
430 Gratifying Rou Er
429 Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!
428 Gifting You Pearls
427 Overboard
426 Psychological Illness
425 Trouble in School
424 Audacious Ac
423 Malicious Rumor
422 Ling Yun’s Butterfly Effect! Nice to Meet You, Deskie!
421 Energized and Refreshed
420 Breaking Through Realm
419 A World With Only You and Me
418 The Enthusiastic Goddess
417 Endure No More
416 Return of the Goddess, Splurging Two Million!
415 Sisters!
414 Ling Yun, the Conversation Topic!
413 Encounter in the Elevator
412 Qingyun Production Refuses to Pay Up?
411 Establishing Power! “Judgment”
410 Continue Missing Classes! Accompanying Lingyu Is More Important!
409 Incapable of Freeing Oneself
408 Imparting Technique
407 News From Qin Qiuyue!
406 Don't Move!
405 Qin Dongxue from the Qin Family! The Powerful Aunty!
404 Slaying Sun Tianbiao! The Chinese Condor Team!
403 The Greatest Treasure in the Buddhist Sect, a Divinely Appointed Person!
402 An Irate Ling Yun at the Peak of His Power!
401 Rolling Compaction! Who Does the Sun Family Think Themselves to Be?
400 The Leader of the Assassins Organization!
399 The Thieves Ambush the Bandit!
398 The Tranquil Pill!
397 Letting Go of Your Love!
396 The Sisters Fight for Ling Yun!
395 Zhuang Meifeng
394 The Beauty’s Trap!
393 Ling Yun’s Impact!
392 Zhuang Family in Big Trouble
391 The Fairy in White
390 Decapitated Limbs Everywhere, the Bloodshed Creates a River!
389 Kill! Kill! Kill!
388 Taking Down a Man in Ten Steps, Silencing a Person Like Cutting Grass!
387 Stirring the Clouds and Making the Heavens Shake!
386 Ling Yun's Terrifying Power!
385 Breaking Through to Physique Tempering Stage Five!
384 Treating Wounds, Making Talismans!
383 Soaked With Killing Intent, Prepare for a Death Match!
382 Tonight, We Start a War!
381 The Return of the Brother! A Fatal Attack!
380 Giving the Loser What He Deserves!
379 You Cannot Afford!
378 A Complete Victory!
377 Kicked an Iron Panel!
376 Real Intention Revealed
375 Glorious Tongue
374 Humiliating Luo Zhong!
373 Hidden Trump
372 Establishing Power in Qingshui 21 Successfully Establishing Power!
371 Establishing Power in Qingshui 20 Beautiful Lawyer
370 Establishing Power in Qingshui 19 Crazy Demolition Of Mansion!
369 Establishing Power in Qingshui 18 Green Dragon on the Move!
368 Establishing Power in Qingshui 17 Startling!
367 Establishing Power in Qingshui 16
366 Establishing Power in Qingshui 15 Caught Red-handed
365 Establishing Power in Qingshui 14 To Everyone's Satisfaction
364 Establishing Power in Qingshui 13 The Return of Ling Yun!
363 Establishing Power in Qingshui 12 I'll Shoulder All of the Consequences!
362 Establishing Power in Qingshui 11 Demolishing the House!
361 Establishing Power in Qingshui 10 Ling Yun's Charm!
360 Establishing Power in Qingshui 9 Immortal Physician's Benevolent Hear
359 Establishing Power in Qingshui 8 Declaring War!
358 Establishing Power in Qingshui 7 Buying Life With Money
357 Establishing Power in Qingshui 6 Supreme Devil King!
356 Establishing Power in Qingshui 5 Appearance of Cui Lao!
355 Establishing Power in Qingshui 4
354 Establishing Power in Qingshui 3
353 Establishing Power in Qingshui 2
352 Establishing Power in Qingshui 1
351 Mysterious Power!
350 Shocking and Disastrous Events, Ling Yun's Rage
349 Banquet’s Climax, Flourishing End of Show
348 Acting as a Pig to Eat the Tiger 6
347 Acting as a Pig to Eat the Tiger 5
346 Acting as a Pig to Eat the Tiger 4
345 Acting as a Pig to Eat the Tiger 3
344 Acting as a Pig to Eat the Tiger 2
343 Acting as a Pig to Eat the Tiger 1
342 Something Is Definitely Wrong, Reunited!
341 Happiness and Shock
340 Ling Yun's Brilliant Appearance!
339 Sad Ning Er
338 Returning to Qingshui Extravagantly!
337 You’ve Done Well, so You Can Die Now
336 All Are Executed, the Shennong Cauldron
335 Beheading Fengchen, Burning Yusei
334 Exterminate! East Asian Expedition Team! Climax!
333 Six Female Savages, Leave Shennongjia
332 Everything Is a Secre
331 Bronze Cauldron, Little White's Third Tail!
330 Emperor Creates Starry Road, Ling Yun Keeps Legendary Dragon
329 Immortal Mark! Obtain Earth Emperor's Book!
328 Impressive Gourd!
327 The Cultivation of Truth, Which Is Only a Legend, Previously Unmatched
326 Breaking Martial Arts Until It Reaches the Realm of Emptiness, First Time Hearing of a Cultivator
325 The Benevolent Heart of an Immortal Physician, Ling Yun's Superiority Complex
324 Spells of Illusion and Confusion, the Terrifying Stone Sword
323 Triggering an Attack
322 The Evil Blade's Display of Power
321 The Irreconcilability of Good and Evil
320 A Devil’s Blade From the Bloody Underworld, a Young Master From the Devil Sect?
319 News About the Earth Emperor’s Book
318 Diamond Glazed Body, Mysterious Buddha!
317 Breaking Through Physique Tempering Stage Four!
316 Difficulty in Cultivation, the Battle Between Yin and Yang!
315 The Eye of the Yin Formation, Cultivating Yin-Yang Harmony Balance
314 Dragon Scale Knife, Dragon Vein Sword
313 Opening a Bloody Path!
312 Cabriolet Fish? Into Death’s Door!
311 Beheading the Python and Battling the Water Monster!
310 Arriving at the Bottom of the Crater, Setting Fire to the Giant Python to Save Little White
309 Attacked at the Bottom of the Crater
308 Braving the Crater!
307 Pretty Daughter-In-Law Meeting Mother-In-Law
306 Miracle Book
305 The Origin of the Emperor Brush, Good Men Are Rewarded!
304 Going All Out to Help
303 Preparing to Enter the Crater
302 The First of the Three Sovereigns: Fuxi Is the Human Sovereign
301 Waiting to Lose Money!
300 Priceless!
299 Obtaining an Unfair Advantage, Great Acting Skills!
298 Unimaginable!
297 Embarrassed to Be a Big Bully
296 A Big Bet!
295 Breaking Through the Second Major Realm of the Stellar Condensation Technique!
294 Returning to Rightful Place?
293 The Tragic Past of the Ling Family! I Would Betray the Heavens for You!
292 Ling Lie, Ling Xiao
291 An Angsty Qin Qiuyue
290 Ten Years Younger
289 The Magical Uses of the Spirit Gathering Formation
288 Secret Contact and Discussions of the Nine Needles of the Spiritual Pivo
287 Meeting Miracle Doctor Xue Again
286 I Need Money, a Lot of Money!
285 Another Wave of Jealousy in the Clinic
284 Pacifying Ning Er!
283 Overly-Jealous Lover
282 Many Troubles
281 The Most Satisfying Cultivation!
280 A Luxurious Starting Line
279 Spatial Ring
278 Even His Pets Ascend to Heaven When a Man Gains Enlightenment.
277 I am the Emperor!
276 The Appearance of the Emperor Brush! Backflow of the Immortal Spiritual Energy!
275 Doomed
274 Turn of Events
273 Killing Priest Compassionless! Prestigious Sects?
272 All-Out Counterattack!
271 Tit for Ta
270 Controlling the Situation! The Art of Misleading!
269 Strong Reinforcements!
268 The Patriarch of the Ling Family! Besieged!
267 Mobilizing the Entire City Just for One Person!
266 Ling Yun is in Danger!
265 A Golden Thread!
264 The Invincible Young Man! Ling Yun Must Die!
263 Capturing Sun Xing!
262 A Monk with a Female Priest?
261 Human Ball of Flame, Chaos!
260 In Grave Danger!
259 This Is What You Get When You Bully My Woman!
258 Decisive Killing! All for Naught!
257 In a Perilous Situation with the Four Highly Skilled Opponents!
256 The Greatest Hero on Earth
255 Don’t Be Afraid My Wife, Your Husband Is Here!
254 Ready to Die, Severance of Ties! Here to Kill!
253 A Trap! Being Compelled!
252 Let’s Rescue the Hostage!
251 Treat the Wounded Before Taking Revenge!
250 Lin Menghan's Departure, Zhuang Meifeng Kidnapped
249 Password - Six Nines
248 The Moment of Miracle
247 Fire Talisman
246 Unbelievable
245 Beauty mole
244 Busted!
243 Am I domineering?
242 I would even die for you!
241 Clinic for Terminal Patients
240 We are rich!
239 A faint sigh
238 Choosing the bedroom, forever...
237 Dealing with the Situation at the Ninth Villa
236 The looming changes of Qingshui City
235 8 million! Land Rover Revered Edition!
234 Mysterious Box
233 Adopt Flexible Measures According to Circumstances
232 Deepa’s Moment Of Death!
231 Someone Has to Die
230 An Intense Battle
229 Rendezvous
228 Decision
227 Where Dreams Begin, The Heavens Will Leave It Alone
226 Three Sentences
225 Challenge to a Duel
224 Departure
223 Yin Yang Balance
222 Dugu Mo, Caught In Between!
221 I Will Never Marry You
220 The Helpless Green Dragon Boss
219 One Dance That Charms All 2
218 One Dance That Charms All 1
217 Dance!
216 A Complete Transformation
215 At The Peak of Your Romance, How About a Dance?
214 The Secret That Year
213 The Campus Belle's First Love
212 An Appointment After School
211 Ning Lingyu, Xue Meining
210 Emperor's Pen, Imperial Book
209 Countless tactics
208 Would you dare to arrest him?
207 Preparing to craft talismans
206 Eradicating evil! Gifting the shop!
205 Killing the Gu Insec
204 Medical practitioner certificate
203 Joy
202 Crack
201 I hate you
200 Nine-tailed Celestial Fox
199 Adoration, Seeing the white fox again
198 Remedial, Shock
197 Imparting teachings, The path of the hear
196 Their respective troubles
195 Caught red-handed
194 Display Of Her New Identity
193 Playing Awesome to the Limit. Stop Doing Whatever You Don’t Want to Do!
192 Big Brother Yun
191 Collecting Payment 3 Mini-Climax!
190 Collecting Payment 2
189 Collecting Payment 1
188 Returning Home
187 Facing the ocean, Spring Flowers bloom
186 Long Wu
185 Charm
184 Diamond VIP
183 The Iron Trio
182 Gou Liancheng
181 A Slight Chance
180 My Balls Hur
179 Three Things
178 Ready to Purchase Some Villas
177 Fifty Million Dollars in One Try
176 Defea
175 Shame Xuan Qi! Kill Xuan Jiu!
174 Assassins! Ambush!
173 Yao Rou
172 One more look at you
171 Persistence!
170 The Female Hitman
169 The First Ambush!
168 Chapter 169: No matter how long it takes, I’ll be waiting
167 Registering an Accoun
166 Madness!
165 Are You Moving Houses?
164 What a Blockhead!
163 A Change of Plan!
162 The Abnormal Form Teacher
161 Take Your Revenge Tonigh
160 Girl chase Boy
159 Early Self Study
158 Get Out!
157 Because I am Ling Yun
156 I love you!
155 An Unexpected Remedy
154 Qingyun Productions III
153 Qingyun Productions II
152 Qingyun Productions I
151 Lin Menghan in Danger!
150 Zhuang Meifeng
149 New Way of Using God’s Needle
148 The wild Miao Xiaomiao
147 Giving up and striving; Coal and Flowers!
146 Shadow of the White Fox
145 Worry for the Shichiyou Herb
144 The Appearance of a Crater
143 I did not see anything!
142 Danger!
141 The Belle of Qingshui
140 Why Did He Become This Handsome?
139 Treacherous and Murderous! Student Surpassing the Teacher!
138 Whoever Asks About This Shall Die!
137 Going All Out to Help
136 Back from the Dead
135 Till Death Do Us Part! What Are You Doing?
134 Misleading; Ready to Save a Life
133 Absorbing Dragon Spiritual Energy, A Beautiful Man from the Heavens!
132 Dragon Spiritual Energy!
131 Waterspout!
130 Bringing You to See A Dragon!
129 Do You Want Me to Cure You?
128 Giving Lingyu a Luxury Car, A Roar of Thunder is Heard
127 No Need to Save Me My Money Today!
126 Drowning in Jealou-sea
125 Ruthless! Abducting the Beautiful Police Officer
124 Angering the Beautiful Police Officer!
123 Got 30 Thousand Dollars! She’s Actually a Cop!
122 Surrendering isn’t Enough! Internal Cleansing!
121 Life-changing Favor! Shock and Regret!
120 Do You Surrender?
119 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 9 - Par Excellence
118 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 8 – Tie Xiaohu
117 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 7 - Smiling War God
116 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 6
115 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 5
114 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 4
113 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 3
112 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 2
111 Chronicles of Qingshui High Part 1
110 Qingshui’s number one rich kid
109 Study my foot!
108 Repaying Kindness? The Maserati belongs to me!
107 The Goddess that drives a Maserati
106 This is Merely the Beginning
105 No Way!
104 Arrival of the Goddess, Lin Menghan!
103 Unbelievable Slimming Effect!
102 Owner of the mystical brush! Ling Yun becomes famous!
101 The Peak of Physique Tempering Stage Level 3
100 The Ingenious Money Making Plan!
99 The tiger within, sniffing roses
98 The Fraudulent God of War Part Two
97 The Fraudulent God of War Part One
96 A Step Slower!
95 You’re Famous Now !
94 What a Cute Dimple!
93 Murong Feixue
92 Turbulence From the Shadows
91 The Young Lady’s Evil Scheme
90 The Mystical Brush
89 Physique Tempering Stage Level 3
88 The Flow of Immortal Spiritual Energy
87 The Antique Market; A Treasure Trove
86 Chance within the Turmoil
85 Spiritual Energy and Downpour
84 The Spiritual Pivot; Fairy
83 Wipe Out the Entire Family Tonight!
82 He is a Hero!
81 From now on, no enforcement officers on Linjiang Road
80 Chapter 80 The Invincible enforcement officers
79 At the Peak of Level Two
78 “You look slimmer”
77 Buy bulls? What for?
76 No one’s poor when the brother’s here
75 Million dollars worth of formalities!
74 Here’s something good for you
73 It gets worse
72 Qin Qiuyue
71 Asking for death
70 Are you sick?
69 The poor have resolve
68 The affluent and the poor
67 The kick that backfired
66 The ‘Date’ with the Madonna
65 Brand effect!
64 Evil people, Evil schemes
63 Be my boyfriend!
62 Teenage Girl’s Sentiments, Huge Shopping Haul
61 Help from Everyone
60 Saving a Life
59 Brought Back to Life
58 Doctor with a Murderous Hear
57 A Bad Feeling
56 About the First Kiss!
55 It Depends on Your Performance
54 Teenage Girl from Miaojiang
53 A Huge Favor
52 Success and Gold Needles Obtained
51 Nearly Embarrassed
50 Heart-Devouring Gu Insec
49 The Miracle Doctor’s Shock
48 Nine Classical Needles of Lingshu
47 The Miracle Doctor Meets the Immortal Doctor
46 Who’s being Petty?
45 Fearlessly Flirting
44 Transformation of the School Belle
43 Can’t Kill You with Slaps
42 Origin
41 Young Master of the Ling Family
40 Physique Tempering Stage Level 1
39 Crisis Begins
38 Weight Loss Goal
37 What’s there to Discuss?
36 If Apologizing Worked
35 Youngsters Fighting
34 Respect is Earned
33 Savant’s Restauran
32 Three Pretty Ladies in an Ac
31 I’m Not Going!
30 Spreading like fire
29 Having a taste of his own medicine
28 Beating the privileged
27 A Shocking Discovery
26 This is phenomenal!
25 Incredible Memory
24 The Black Sheep
23 Get out of here!
22 Word in the Beauty’s Ear
21 The Brutal Apology
20 The Enraged Madonna
19 A brother’s love
18 Getting the school Madonna's attention
17 Little Gambling God concedes
16 Differing Last Names
15 Easy Way ain’t My Style
14 The return of the strong
13 Beating the Tiger
12 The Manliest of men
11 Changing Views
10 The Gamble Part 2
9 The Gamble Part 1
8 Ning Lingyu
7 Shocking Physique Tempering
6 Angering the Campus Belle
5 A Small Punishmen
4 Step and Slap
3 An Angry Kick to the Door
2 Hero Saves Damsel in Distress
1 Rebirth on Earth