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amaliaverdezoto > Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! > Chapter 1826 - “Gu Lao's Death (2)”
Chapter 1826 “Gu Lao’s Death (2)”

Now I don’t need to kidnap her and she’s already mine….


Just thinking of that was enough to make Heavenly laugh inside, causing him to feel elated from the feet up to his head.

“Ning’er.” Heavenly now turns his sight onto Bai Ning after collecting himself.

If his tone before towards Bai Yan and Ling Yan were that of gentle loving care, then this beloved woman that was his wife would be that of pure tenderness.

“I’m sorry for being so late in meeting you….”

Bai Ning smiled: “It’s I who should be saying sorry. I shouldn’t have forgotten you, otherwise we wouldn’t be apart for so many years. And, I’ve caused my own daughter to suffer so much….”

Lan Yue’s (foster mother for Bai Yan) temperament was good so she was able to entrust her own daughter to that friend. What Bai Ning didn’t expect though was Lan Yue’s husband being a sc.u.mbag who would torture his own supposed daughter!

Now just thinking back to her own mistake in the past was enough to make the grandmother clench her fist in frustration.

This girl… It’s her and Yun Feng’s daughter, their essence of love.

“Chi Chi.” Dissatisfied at being ignored for so long, the golden chicklet squeaked several times before jumping up to Bai Yan’s shoulder to announce his presence.

“Mother, there’s a little chicken!” Di Ling Yan beamed with delight as she reached out with her hand in a attempt to catch the little fell. She’s all sparkling in the eyes at such a cute fluff feather.

“Chi Chi!” There’s anger in the chicklet’s eye at the maltreatment.

I am not a chicken okay! I am an ancient golden phoenix, how can you compare me to a chicken?

These humans… they’re all so blind!

Oh I’m so frustrated! CHI CHI!!!

“Mother, I have always been envious of Big Brother having Little Rice accompanying him. Can I have this little chicken as my companion?”

The chicklet nearly fell off the bonkers at the request and shrieked in protest. Out of reflex, he also wanted to jump over and peck the little rascal for treating him as a toy.


After seeing the lovely little face of the baby girl, the golden chicken found himself unable to move.

He’s a male, and a male that likes pretty things at that. Since Di Ling Yan was such an adorable little girl, there’s no reason he couldn’t turn a blind eye to that insult.

“Okay,” Bai Yan plucked the tiny chicklet off her shoulder and handed it over to her daughter, “from now on he’s your partner.”

Due to his small stature, the golden fluff feather fitted perfectly onto the pipsqueak’s palm as she held him with both hands. It’s like they’re made for one another.

“Since you’re always making that chi chi sound, I will name you Chi Chi. You will be Chi Chi from now on.” Ling Yan giggled with delight as she eyed the fluff feather.

“Chi Chi.” Disgruntled at the vulgar name, the golden chicklet protests by repeatedly squeaking.

I refuse!


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