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Absolute Choice

Author: Pear Lands In The Autumn Spring

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Updated: 2021-10-01 23:52:07

Latest chapter: 583 The Inheritor

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《Absolute Choice》Latest chapter
583 The Inheritor
582 The Horror Of Being Dominated By A Bald Creature
581 Plan For The Generational Legacy
580 Transcendental Nine Transformations
579 Full Moon Wheel
578 Tianjie
577 Shi Xiaobai Has Disappeared
576 Companion
575 Allocation of Time
574 How about Ten Years of Confinemen
573 Making a Bet!
572 Youth, are you willing to be the Messiah?
《Absolute Choice》' main text
583 The Inheritor
582 The Horror Of Being Dominated By A Bald Creature
581 Plan For The Generational Legacy
580 Transcendental Nine Transformations
579 Full Moon Wheel
578 Tianjie
577 Shi Xiaobai Has Disappeared
576 Companion
575 Allocation of Time
574 How about Ten Years of Confinemen
573 Making a Bet!
572 Youth, are you willing to be the Messiah?
571 Signal to Assemble for Invasion and That Plan
570 The Apocalypse Will Come Soon
569 The Kindness That Couldn't Be Conveyed
568 Hongyue's Killing Inten
567 Deep Abhorrence
566 Granny
565 The Holy Tree Blooms
564 Only Resorting to Sophistry
563 Do you Believe Now
562 Cherryblossoms in Despair
561 You are Instigating a War between Both Races!
560 Reclaiming the Homeworld
559 Thank you for being this gentle
558 The World's Most Stirring Scenery
557 Actors
556 Blissful Boy
555 Finally asking the question
554 This King doesn't know much about such matters
553 Black Turtle Hibernation
552 Wish I could give three tight slaps to myself
551 Had an Accomplice!
550 The Reason Speechless Li's name is Speechless Li
549 Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?
548 Misery Sea in misery
547 The Buddha says
546 Reverend Misery Sea, Esteemed Monk
545 Why did you kill him
544 Nearly fishing out the dick
543 Breaking the Balance!
542 Truth of the Battle
541 Upon hearing, Men cry while Women salivate
540 That cold arrow was really damn cold!
539 This isn't a boy, it's a monster!
538 Defeat meant Death!
537 Proud Dragon Repents!
536 The worth of a piece of shi
535 Absolutely not running
534 NTR in the face
533 A True Face Smacking!
532 This King is very angry. The consequences will be severe
531 Go back, you are not welcomed here
530 I will not harm the both of you, really!
529 I suspected that you cuckolded me!
528 The Brave Girl's fight with a Ferocious Tiger
527 Business World's Queen and the Political World's Emperor
526 Where is Speechless Li's house
525 Shi Xiaobai, I want to bear your children!
524 Is it thrilling? Is it agonizing?
523 A Series of Operations 0-8
522 The Infernal Queen had long seen through everything
521 Six Mistakes
520 Freedom or Annihilation
519 Congratulations Darling
518 Can you read more books?
517 Overbearing Little Loli
516 The Immaculate Black and the Holy White
515 Unexpected Life-saving Straw
514 Balance of One's Worldviews
513 The Sin Poison of the Holy Tree
512 Yamete, that place won't do!
511 Can Shi Xiaobai be eaten
510 XXX without a word
509 None of you should harbor the thoughts of running
508 The Upper Echelons that Harbor Evil Schemes
507 The crop from the field is as large as your guts can yield!
506 What are rules? They never existed from the beginning
505 Massacre
504 Here comes the Climax
503 What's wrong with enjoying sufficient foreplay before the climax!
502 The Endless Historical Story
501 It's not something Darling can Stick it in or Retract as you wish!
500 Girls do not know about pounding the mea
499 Bunny learns to Scold
498 This isn't an illness, but fate!
497 The Elusive Big Boobed Loli
496 An unmistakable 36E
495 I have a 'Vajra Body Defending' book
494 This child is a dragon
493 Bunny Cao and Handsome Chen
492 Breaking! A Particular Village Leader Repeatedly Climbs a Tree to Find Chickens!
491 The Frog in the Well that Looks Forward to the Mighty Eagle
490 Yama Minamiya's be
489 What did Little Pervert Experience
488 A Fate that the World can only watch from the side
487 Stick it in forcefully!
486 Time for this game of chess to come to an end
485 Triangular Slandering
484 Thoughts separated by Three Thousand Years
483 The Imitation that Vanished
482 The Passer-by Female Protagonist that takes the Counteroffensive Path
481 The difference between 9cm and 18cm.
480 Is this the time to act cute?
479 Leaning on Furniture Cannot be Obscene, Turning Wet at a Glance
478 Not to be Subdued by Force
477 Dispute
476 He objected to everyone's objections
475 Do you dare believe?
474 Warming each other
473 As long as there's love, it doesn't matter even if you are siblings!
472 Thank you and Sorry
471 This must be a joke!
470 Welcome back
469 A Divine Operation Finished in Ten Minutes
468 The world without the Minotaur
467 Because she's a goddess, her love was more submissive than mortals
466 All a Bachelor Dog could do was laugh foolishly
465 Virtues and Sins
464 Grabbing the Devil's hand
463 The sudden appearance of despair
462 Proclaiming loudly to the sky
461 Earthbound Yaksha
460 To the Ends of the World Together
459 The Miracle of Magic
458 The Conversation of Fate
457 So, die!
456 What do you want to talk about? I'll accompany you
455 Power of Love
454 We need to have a good cha
453 Is that the real Sunless Ye?
452 The boy and girl that were buried together
451 This King's eyes can only accept victory
450 Might as well slash out with one strike to end it once and for all
449 Monster that triple-tasks
448 The painstakingly found sense of reality
447 Loneliness is the greatest enemy
446 The unverified savage history
445 A battle that could be ended in an instan
444 It's too realistic
443 Dual-wielding
442 The color in his eyes
441 Goodbye forever, Shi Xiaobai
440 Are you satisfied
439 Loathe killing him
438 Always been stalking you
437 Lucifer's Sword
436 What is your goal?
435 If Shi Xiaobai confessed
434 The fifth path
433 Are you willing to be a side hoe
432 No More Escaping
431 I hate you
430 Meaning of my Existence
429 Everything was done by me
428 Make your move!
427 Posturing before the battle
426 Does the naked Infernal Queen look good?
425 Forgot to tell you
424 Shall we make a bet?
423 The Battle can be lost, but the Celestial King has to die
422 Goodbye
421 So, apparently Field Marshal Awesomo is very awesome?
420 The only fear is that the Celestial King will not dare to participate
419 The most cowardly Infernal King in all of eternity!
418 Tolerate my ass!
417 Infernal King's Mandate
416 Speechless begins to question life
415 Darling asked the right person
414 Truly realistic acting
413 It's impossible for This King to make a mistake
412 A Complex Chess Game That Turns Crazy
411 Let us play a board game that tests wisdom and strategy
410 Complicated and Confusing Changes
409 Take you flying in awesomeness
408 A Fool that did not care for his life
407 No one can prevent the war!
406 The Seductive Infernal Queen
405 Who exactly are you
404 They are a pack of lone wolves
403 We aren't real
402 War has already begun!
401 I'll do whatever you want to do tonigh
400 A King that doesn't know how to bow his head has no right to stand above the heads of his subjects
399 How can it be put into the mouth just like that. Hands had to be washed first!
398 An "Ouch"
397 Why don't you die now?
396 Because you are not the strongest Transcenden
395 Darling, do you want to take it off yourself?
394 Because you want to be Speechless Li
393 Yesterday's Villain, Tomorrow's Hero
392 In order to not be bored
391 I'm only waiting for you
390 Gods and Demons
389 The Infernal King is also a King
388 Proving His Identity
387 I know every inch of your body!
386 Did I make a mistake
385 Darling, you finally came back?
384 139?
383 This King is immune to poison
382 King’s Mandate
381 Do you know what you have eaten
380 End the Age of Bravehearts
379 The Sudden Appearance of the Choices
378 This King has been targeted!
377 Never took a step back
376 No next second
375 Even a fly wanted to bite a piece of meat from a lion
374 The story behind the sword
373 Leonis who lost his reason
372 The hard to beat Leonis
371 What is he trying to do?
370 None of you know anything about strength!
369 Heart feeling downtrodden, an exhaustion that comes from the soul
368 Always waiting
367 Come on, let's clash head on!
366 Transforming without a word
365 In front of the Door of the Bravehearts, the meeting of girls
364 Fuck Tomorrow
363 His opponent is only himself
362 But This King won't do so!
361 The physique of humans is bad?
360 You have successfully infuriated This King
359 Humans are just this and nothing more!
358 Erroneous Plo
357 Moya's rage
356 Leonis on the brink of raging
355 Unarmed comba
354 Shi-style Posturing Technique
353 Shi Xiaobai, I want to learn to posture!
352 The importance of a posturing technique
351 Wrong way of posturing
350 Some fruits no longer exist if you miss them
349 Do you prefer being raped before being killed, or being killed before being raped
348 Leonis and civil strife
347 The powerful Transcendents
346 To dare mess with This King, eat first, talk later
345 Racial Discrimination
344 Stop or die!
343 Four legendary figures
342 It's venomous, you are toxic
341 Their Choices
340 Not only mimicry
339 A Difficult Nemesis
338 This matter was so hard to refuse
337 Shi Xiaobai's Delicacy Tour
336 Are you courting death or committing suicide
335 Take a good look at who he is!
334 You have clearly awakened, why are you playing dumb
333 Prevent Wang Feng from making the headlines
332 Nobody should have thoughts on grabbing tomorrow's headlines!
331 True demon
330 Pushing down Kali!
329 Sorry Kali
328 God Slaughtering Command
327 Don't fucking add scenes for yourself!
326 You must return safely as well
325 You raged for This King, This King will commit suicide for you
324 The Light in a Hopeless Situation
323 I have ten thousand ways to let him die
322 The dragon won't run away anymore
321 The dragon is here!
320 Why spit everywhere!
319 Murder induced by a pool of pee
318 An Impossible Possibility
317 Massacre induced by a smelly far
316 Blood-red fireworks
315 Sudden turn of events
314 We have a deal
313 This King has a diamond, do you have applause?
312 It's time to bring out the big guns
311 What happened during This King's afternoon nap
310 Don't hesitate, quickly kiss
309 This spot definitely should harden, as a form of respec
308 After saying so much, can I have a spot on your Friends lis
307 Trousers just halfway off
306 I'm rushing back to sleep with my boyfriend
305 What a shameless old hag
304 I'll accompany you on this escapade
303 Never expected
302 The best protector
301 The avenger that waited for the opportunity
300 What about my hand?
299 Protect Shi Xiaobai
298 This King will follow shortly
297 Tolerated you for a long while!
296 Last Minute
295 Fusing as one
294 This pair is not to be spared
293 Who dares to touch her
292 The Bullet that Changed the Outcome
291 Professional Assis
290 So as to eliminate her personally
289 You really can't blow well
288 How do you wish to die?
287 Excalibur
286 Failure is the mother of success
285 Heavens, quickly take this bastard back
284 You shall be defeated by this sword attack
283 I'll just quietly watch you posture
282 For Lord Shi Xiaobai!
281 What goes around comes around!
280 You can scold anyone but Tu Dahei!
279 You are actually a lefty, right?
278 Jealousy
277 This black sword is against him!
276 Always ready
275 Bronze Minotaur
274 That night, she shattered several toilets squatting
273 Battle Arena, enemies often cross each other's paths
272 Shi Xiaobai, you are my daddy
271 A little excited just from thinking of it!
270 Cowardly retracted its head like a turtle
269 Leaped over a wall in desperation
268 Rub, rub!
267 Ah, that spot won't do
266 This is a true King
265 Those foolish lives are worth anything?
264 The Abrupt Sure Death Scenario
263 Negotiations Broke Down, Kill it!
262 It's coming to This King for dog food
261 Feels like I've fallen for a scam
260 Just as inaccurate as always
259 Intercourse for a momen
258 The Improvement in Three Hours
257 Super Healer and Godlike Mentor
256 Deceptive Assassin!
255 It's you yourself that is depriving yourself of your flexibility!
254 The best teacher, Shi Xiaobai
253 Lord Shi Xiaobai can massage wherever he wants
252 Fear of everyone not being able to replace the lost nutrients faster than they can be gained
251 But it's too comfortable!
250 I feel we will be doomed sooner or later!
249 What posture is teaching and learning
248 It must be an illusion
247 Wow, this constipation
246 You and I know Shi Xiaobai
245 I have champagne in my room
244 City Destroyer Hero
243 The Blinding of Everyone's Eyes
242 Demonic Beasts that filled the lands!
241 Venturing alone
240 The youth would eventually become a King
239 City Attack!
238 Letting everyone clear
237 A true man never turns his head to watch an explosion
236 Two Peng Grills
235 Shi Xiaobai has come
234 Hero and Villain
233 True Glory
232 The Tree of Life is about to die
231 You seem to have big breasts
230 Aggro Mobbing
229 This mute is a chatterbox
228 Kun-Stewing Wok
227 Tower Defense
226 An Earthquake amongst Rookies
225 None of you are qualified!
224 Team Leader Tu Dahei
223 Tu Dahei says Shi Xiaobai is awesome
222 Mt. Chang Pulp Farmer
221 A Wondrous Lucky Charm
220 Please Read the Setting Patiently!
219 Choosing ten out of a thousand, picking one out of a hundred
218 Not splitting, let's assist!
217 Tussled 300 times that nigh
216 Take off!
215 Shit, there's no way to stop!
214 Combined assault on Tu Dahei
213 I engaged in it for five hours
212 In the northern darkness there is a fish and his name is Kun
211 This is the happiness that belongs to her
210 Rookies’ Mudslide
209 The Purest Sword Fanatic
208 These legs of hers could go around the block for a year
207 Set off with This King!
206 His Freedom was not there
205 The King's Choice
204 We Can't Lose Again!
203 Didn't you see Tu Dahei one-shot Heartless?
202 Feeling Sad, Wanting to Cry
201 Can Only Tolerate, Silently Suffer
200 A Crush from a Single Sword Strike
199 The Former Child Prodigy
198 Since the Heavens made the Moon, why did They make the Sun too
197 The King's Fury
196 King's Beginner Sword
195 Why must a Fatso make things difficult for a former Fatso
194 Who should receive the Academy Award for Best Actor
193 If Shi Xiaobai were here
192 Take Ten Million to Feed the Pigs!
191 Looks Competition MVP
190 Back in the day, against the headwinds, thirty feet I could pee, but today, my shoes are soused despite tailwinds
189 Ye Siblings
188 King of Lolicons
187 Come on out, the extremely cute little loli
186 Can I borrow your hand to smack faces
185 A super, super flirting exper
184 The darn godlike collapse of tear ducts
183 This King wants to fight one against all
182 The vengeful Zeus
181 In This King's eyes, all of you are already dead
180 Double Speed Mirage
179 This is the reason for you to break public property?
178 Flirting Expert Shi Xiaobai
177 How can this be
176 Fat chance
175 Not even given a 'Nice Guy Card'
174 Lord God's Advice
173 Given up for chicks
172 Have you never seen safety shorts
171 The kick at the threshold
170 A Hooligan Unfortunately
169 How can you be such a hooligan
168 Knocking on the Wrong Door
167 The Choice of Courting Death
166 Still able to do another few hundred rounds
165 Be faster for This King
164 Come, let's have a good battle
163 A person should be more like Shi Xiaobai
162 Who is messing with who
161 The Girl who doesn't drink Chicken Soup.
160 Truly Heh heh
159 Mozzie
158 Fragrance and Odor
157 Big Perv Shi
156 Plans of a King
155 Let's celebrate by getting a room
154 Will you feel regre
153 Massage Technique of God
152 This tests skill
151 Coach, I want to learn swords
150 An honest person does not "play with swords" be a bitch
149 Don't stick it back
148 Cherish Life, Stay Clear from Shi Xiaobai
147 Able to posture even while not being awesome
146 Invincibility is such Loneliness
145 What you said makes a lot of sense
144 Golden-white holy dragon shows its prowess
143 Beat O' unyielding heart!
142 Is your face hurting badly?
141 Hold it in even if you can't accept i
140 This King needs you
139 Wait, you must wait!
138 A Sorrow that should be Drowned
137 A Very Silly Story
136 You have successfully infuriated me
135 Being able to see you before my death
134 Can you give This King a knife
133 Are you kidding me
132 Quick stick it back
131 Can you be a bit faster
130 Intoxicated Moan
129 Upright person despite Being tough on words
128 Very cute, very naive
127 This is the reason why you are enduring?
126 The adorable you
125 Refreshing your world view
124 Who is Chen Lingcun
123 Filthy Turtle Divine Technique Combo!
122 Do not scream in pain even when balls shatter
121 Peeling Memories
120 This King is wrong
119 Imbalanced Broken Character in the World
118 This Turtle Is Hardes
117 All Tu Dahei's faul
116 Where did the gentle reminder go
115 Hisith wants some quietness
114 Lovers' Pact 2.0
113 Why are you this skilled
112 Whiteology Appearance
111 Oppai is also justice
110 Strength comes from Oppai
109 A teammate that accidentally harms you
108 This is a monster
107 Where the King's Blade Tip Points
106 I'm back
105 Let us go home
104 You might not believe it if I told you
103 You sure were naughty
102 Eyes have changed
101 This problem is problematic!
100 This is such a bonus
99 Stabbed Into My Hear
98 Go on Firs
97 Door of Darkness
96 I want to know you
95 Don't kill them all
94 Anymore?
93 Time is a pig slaughtering knife
92 The Benevolent Butcher
91 Terrifying knife strike
90 If you can do it then you should go up and do i
89 To be Killed to the Ends of Time
88 I hope you would last longer
87 The Great Demon Lord Xiao Xiao
86 That one Knife
85 Holding Power
84 This is not a drill
83 You know nothing about your ex-wife
82 The color of the wind is green
81 Let me do it!
80 Giving you Full Marks for Customer Service
79 Doomed Sooner or Later
78 Princess Xiao Xiao
77 Unexpected Opening
76 The Brave Pig Slaughtering Knife
75 Take you flying in awesomeness
74 Xiao Xiao's Rules
73 God DogLeading
72 Battle of the Holy Grail
71 Devil's Footwork
70 Yang Weiwei's Soul of Deception
69 There is really such a madman in this world?
68 Yea-habitant of the Yea Plane
67 Your name
66 You should become such a Crab!
65 The Answer From the Very Beginning
64 OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation
63 Abusing Elementary School Students like Dogs
62 Thanking Shi Xiaobai
61 Playing games can even be done in such a grand manner?
60 Two Fancy Schlocks
59 The Promotion of Anything really relies on Lying!
58 Laziness and Diligence
57 It Isn't Easy for Any One of Us
56 The Strongest Attack in History!
55 This Sacrifice is too Great!
54 Cherish Life, Stay Clear from Girlfriends!
53 The Sudden Upse
52 Holmes.Shi Xiaobai
51 My Hands Are Stained with Sin
50 Kinder than Kind
49 The Kind Dan Liang
48 Watching the meteor rain fall onto Earth with you
47 One-Pun man
46 Meteors and Hero
45 Kali
44 She comes from the Darkness, bringing the Light!
43 Gimmimoni's Devotees!
42 The precursor before one person takes all
41 At that moment, he crumbled!
40 Why are you dealing your cards so erratically!?
39 That Poker Card
38 Quick hand over your underwear
37 The Absolute Choice that forcefully changes the Outcome
36 Ye Jiaquan's Ye Family Punch
35 The Game has just Begun
34 Please shatter it!
33 True Weakness
32 The Weakest Rookie
31 You are actually a Demon, right?
30 Another Game?
29 Do you need to go this extent just because of the Bathroom?
28 Shi Xiaobai's Intuition
27 O' My Beloved Little Toy
26 This King, Tu Dahei
25 The Targeted Shi Xiaobai
24 Shi Xiaobai is not the Hope of Team Red
23 The Great Figure Shi Xiaobai
22 This King has Something to Ask You
21 Shi Xiaobai, you need to keep a low profile
20 Inverse Sourced World
19 Riko's Superpower
18 Return Me My Shi Xiaobai
17 Riko's Choice
16 You Are This King's Person
15 Perception of God
14 Why did I agree
13 Shi Xiaobai's Confidence is Shaken
12 So we were overthinking the situation!
11 This King takes back everything he just said
10 People are born Unequal
9 Owning the Entire World
8 I Can Only Rely on You
7 Girl, Your King is here
6 Hurry Up and Sign a Contract with This King
5 Can I call you Big Brother?
4 Hero! Hero! Hero!
3 Have you experienced Despair?
2 If Despair had a Color
1 Make Your Choice, Youth