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Spring Blooms When I'm with You

Author: hansora

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Updated: 2021-10-02 02:23:48

Latest chapter: 297 We're Fated, Aren't We?

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《Spring Blooms When I'm with You》Latest chapter
297 We're Fated, Aren't We?
296 Your Father and I Were Good Friends Until His Untimely Death
295 New Chapters and The Ending
294 The Decision She Made Earlier Was A Gamble
293 Do You Mean My Wife's Safety Is Below This Measly Thing?
292 Our Master Wants to Meet Mrs. Fuse
291 If Possible, She Didn't Want To Meet Him
290 A/N: My New Book!
289 A/N: Would You Rather...
288 Come Back Soon To Us, Okay?
287 I Hope You Can Free Yourself From Your Guil
286 We Would Have A Lot To Talk Abou
《Spring Blooms When I'm with You》' main text
297 We're Fated, Aren't We?
296 Your Father and I Were Good Friends Until His Untimely Death
295 New Chapters and The Ending
294 The Decision She Made Earlier Was A Gamble
293 Do You Mean My Wife's Safety Is Below This Measly Thing?
292 Our Master Wants to Meet Mrs. Fuse
291 If Possible, She Didn't Want To Meet Him
290 A/N: My New Book!
289 A/N: Would You Rather...
288 Come Back Soon To Us, Okay?
287 I Hope You Can Free Yourself From Your Guil
286 We Would Have A Lot To Talk Abou
285 How Could He Be So Shameless?
284 Did Our Boss' Conscience Not Hurt Saying That?
283 She Was The Cool One Back Then
282 It Was A Funny Experience Instead Of A Romantic One
281 He Could Only Keep Indulging And Doting On Her
280 Are You Bewitched By Me?
279 Vengeance Would Just Blacken Our Lives
278 She Had Suspected Much
277 Isn't My Face More Dazzling Than Everything?
276 Do You Remember The Man Who I Said Looked Like My Father?
275 I Hope You'd Stay True To What You Have Believe In Your Hear
274 You're Not Allowed To Look At Another Woman!
273 Seeing Her Like This Made The Deepest Part Of His Heart Tinged With Pain
272 They Would Walk Side-by-side, Hand-in-hand While Embracing The Four Seasons For The Rest Of Their Lives
271 His Heart Skipped A Bea
270 The Calm Ocean Of Her Heart Had Started Forming Ripples
269 She Felt Her Heart Was Struck With Countless Love Arrows From Cupid
268 She Was The Spring Air To His Winter
267 If She Asked, How Should He Answer Her?
266 She Remembered What He Told Her Before
265 Come Hell Or High Water, I Could Face Either of Them Because You're Here
264 He Wanted To Confine Her
263 You'll Wake Up Tomorrow Morning In My Arms
262 How Could Her Heart Wasn't Touched By A Man As Good As Him?
261 As Much As She Waited For Him That Night, He Didn't Appear
260 If Only I Could Stuff You Inside My Pockets So I Could Carry You Around Wherever I Go
259 Stop Avoiding Me Whenever This Happens
258 Such A Sacred Feeling Shouldn't Be Tainted By Any Dark Worldly Desire
257 Do You Really Want To Show Your Claim On Me To Others?
256 Ah! What If Their Child Grew Up To Be A Flirt?
255 He Had Known About It. Although Not Everything
254 Wasn't This Thing Called Hugging One's Thigh To Survive?
253 Darling, Are You Asking Me Out For A Date?
252 Stay Here And Don't Make A Fuss
251 You Know Hell Awaits You If You Dared To Lie To Me
250 Behave, Will You?
249 You're Good, Nothing Would Happen
248 It's Your Fault My Makeup Is Ruined!
247 Do You want To Be Married Off By Your Parents Without Telling Him The Truth?
246 Sweetheart, Please Don't Keep It From Me
245 You Look Up To Him, Right?
244 You're The One Who Started It First, Darling
243 I Punished Him
242 You Look So Cute In Them
241 So Much Time Had Passed, So Much Time Had Been Los
240 Don't Brood By Yourself
239 Do You Have Any Dream You Want To Pursue?
238 Sleep With Me For A Bit, I Want To Hold You
237 She Was Not Someone Who Lose Any Hope
236 I Still Need You To Pamper Me
235 Don't Forget To Use Your Beauty Trap, Okay?
234 Who's That Man?
233 I Know You Won't Let Her Feel Unhappy
232 Our Child Would Be The Luckies
231 I've Something To Discuss With You
230 Don't Make Yourself Sleep On The Couch, Okay?
229 Maybe His Old Age Has Mellowed Him Down?
228 It'd Be Good If I Could Meet You Sooner
227 He Was Really In A Dire Need To Find A Teacher
226 Ah... I Feel So Lonely
225 I Love You, Tsubaki
224 Her Summers Were Lonely
223 Is This What We Call A Pregnant Woman's Mood Swing?
222 I'm Not Dreaming, Right?
221 They Really Looked Like A Match Made In Heaven
220 I Love You, My Silly Husband
219 She Was So Happy
218 How Could She Change Her Mind So Suddenly?
217 Are You Done Sleeping?
216 It's So Hard To Be A Competent Assistan
215 Thank You For Everything, Hubby
214 If You Need To Cry Again, I'm Here To Hug You
213 Can We Return Home?
212 She Loved You With All Her Hear
211 I Know I Shouldn't Let Her Give Up On Her Child
210 The Answers Might Be In There
209 New Year's Special The Dawn of a New Beginning With You
208 New Year's Special The Eve of an Ending With You
207 Don't You Feel Tired?
206 My Darling Wife Is So Good To Me
205 What An Honor To Meet You Here
204 We Would Have Our Peaceful And Ordinary Days Too
203 I'm Glad To Recreate The Same Memory With You
202 All That Matter Is We Are Together, Always
201 I Am Selfish
200 You Two Are Really Back!
199 It's Anticlimactic, Right?
198 Whatever You Feel, Don't Brush Them Off
197 I'm So Sleepy These Days
196 He Would Always Welcome Her Home
195 She Wanted To Be Home
194 So, Cupid Struck His Arrows To Your Heart The Moment Your Eyes Met His?
193 I Don't Care What About Others As Long As You're Happy
192 I Have To Face It Sooner Or Later
191 It Involves My Dearest Wife, The One Who Holds My Hear
190 It Was As If He Was Looking At Someone He Dearly Missed
189 Why Can't I Be Jealous?
188 She Was Not the One to Blame, Okay?
187 Her Heart, Mind and Soul
186 I Was An Abandoned Child
185 Does My Love Meter Increase in Your Heart?
184 The Traces of Her
183 She Was Already In Love With Someone Else
182 You Don't Need to Give Us the Nourishments
181 Why Don't You Return the Favor?
180 I Have Something to Tell You
179 He's a Strong Man
178 I Want to Make Another Beautiful Memory With You
177 It Really Means a Lot to Them
176 Check On That Girl For Me
175 The Two Women
174 It Seems Like, I Couldn't Keep This Story For Long
173 How Should She Act First?
172 We Could Just Gamble For Now
171 Whatever You Want to Do, Please Stay Safe
170 I Could Be Your Shelter Once Things Are Too Hard For You
169 She Would Remain Strong
168 He's Back to Square One!
167 The Truth Revealed by the Test Results
166 He Was Quite Dumb, Wasn't He?
165 Under the Umbrella
164 It Should be About Us
163 Don't You Think You Need to Pacify Me?
162 If I Didn't Know Him , I'd Truly be Scared by His Cold Face
161 A Loveless Marriage
160 My Sweetheart is as Beautiful as Ever
159 Do You Remember Your Sleep Talk Earlier?
158 I Love Her For the Way The Sound of Her Name Silenced my Demons
157 Are You Here Because You Already Made Your Choice?
156 I Know I Made You Feel Suffocated
155 I Have an Absurd Idea
154 Would She Leave Him?
153 His Back Looked Sorrowful
152 You're Not Trying to Defend This Brat, Right?
151 His Suspicions Were Almost Confirmed
150 He Vanished
149 Don't Frighten Me!
148 Seeing You Coming Today Change My Mind
147 As If They Were Connected to Each Other
146 Whatever You Say, Goes
145 Wow! Hubby, You Look Handsome!
144 Can't You Just Let Your Husband Pamper You?
143 Because It Is Him
142 You Guys Can't Conceive?
141 I Want to Offer You Something
140 How Envious!
139 Do Not Attempt to Be Someone Else You're No
138 How Could She Endure the Humiliation?
137 I'd Do Everything in My Power to Hold Onto Her
136 Rooting Deeply in the Core of His Hear
135 I Don't See Anything Special in You
134 Hope to Hold the Little One in My Arms
133 Taught You to Act Like a Drunken Woman In Rage
132 They Were Eyes on Her
131 Anything You Wish For, I'll Grant It For You
130 It's Common Knowledge to Wow Your Husband with Your Beauty
129 I Can't Sleep Without My Wife
128 We'll Proceed As Planned
127 I Know You Can End This
126 Sparkling Under the Stars
125 Follow My Steps, Sweethear
124 The Day Our Eyes Me
123 Reminded Him of Their Days Years Ago
122 The Peaceful Time with You
121 He Was So Afraid
120 I Dreamed of Something Terrible
119 Where is Him? No...
118 I Might Not be Here
117 He Wanted to See Her in a White Wedding Dress
116 You Want to Punish Me?
115 What is She Afraid of?
114 I'm Going to Her
113 No Face-Slapping?
112 I Want to See You
111 Waiting for the Curtain Call
110 My Husband Won't be Replaced by Anyone
109 It's Not Half of the Shares or Assets
108 It Had Begun
107 You're the One Who Made Me Cry
106 She Felt So Cold Here
105 I'll Let Him Taste the Consequences
104 It's Okay... He's Okay...
103 So, You Come Here For...
102 It Might Be Impossible to Save Him
101 Such a Sensible Child, She's Just Hoping for Their Happiness
100 The Anticipated Storm is Coming
99 I'll Come Home to You
98 It Might be His Last Words to Her
97 You'll Be Late, Big Boss
96 She's Not Worth I
95 It's So Cringy
94 The Empty Wine Glass
93 Use Them as Our Extra Entertainmen
92 President Fuse is Here!
91 It Wasn't a Big Deal
90 Get Ready to Disclose Their Crimes
89 You're Not There
88 Your Husband is a Really Capable Man
87 Do You Want to Know More About Her?
86 A Chance Meeting
85 In Control of His Wife
84 Wifey, You've Wronged Me
83 Wait Till Becomes An Uncle
82 They Didn't Matter
81 Let's Just Starve Him!
80 Her True Feelings
79 What Would You Do?
78 He Would Rather Die
77 Hey! Boy!
76 Please, Don't Burden Yourself
75 The Distance Between Them
74 I Miss You
73 Her Heart Felt Warm
72 You Resembled Her
71 A Wife Slave, Through And Through!
70 Blaming Your Self-created Devil
69 You Weren't A Coward When You Wanted To Kill Me
68 Trust Me
67 A Wife's Instinc
66 This is What I've Imagined Before
65 Have Monsters as Family
64 I Smell Vinegar
63 She's Safe
62 When Things are Hard, You Could Find Me
61 You're Here
60 A Survival Skill
59 He Loves You Deeply
58 She's the One Who's Bullying Me
57 Was I Being Ignored by Grandma?
56 Don't Torture Us Singles
55 My Wife is Waiting For Me
54 For You to Wish Death Earlier
53 It's Not My Faul
52 A Reaper in the Middle of Spring
51 It's a Secre
50 I'm Not a Gentle Person
49 You're My Bottom Line
48 Strawberry Pancakes
47 Live With Me
46 Sending Him to the Depth of Hells
45 Saving Herself
44 Call My Name
43 Aren't You Done Admiring Me?
42 It's Fair for Me
41 Do You Find Me Handsome?
40 A Note from Kouichi
39 She Would Trust Him
38 I'll Think of You Day and Nigh
37 A Rich Man's Kept Woman
36 Her Husband
35 Our Marriage Certificate
34 His Lifeless Home
33 Because I'm Your...
32 In My Forgotten Memories
31 I Do Not Want to Hide Anymore
30 Stay, Please
29 Who are You?
28 Our Lady Boss?
27 His Weaknesses
26 Increase His Life Expectancy
25 Are You Hiding Something From Me?
24 If He was Worth I
23 It is About My Brother?
22 Did He Just Flirted with Me?
21 Bewitched by Him
20 She's Sleeping
19 He was Murdered
18 Good Night, Love
17 You Look Like My Mom
16 His Guilt and Regre
15 I'll Drive You Home
14 Don't Blow Up My Cover, Kiddo
13 Our President Bought Us Cakes!
12 He was a Scumbag, Through and Through!
11 An Ordinary Day
10 My Little Crybaby Troublemaker
9 Old Habits Die Hard
8 He Looked Kind of Familiar
7 You Don't Have My Hear
6 Her Old Heart was Fluttering
5 Cunning Old Foxes
4 Why Did She Forget Him?
3 Did this Guy Come from the Outer Space?
2 He had Missed Her
1 His Spring Began with Her