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The Devilish Immortal

Author: Liang Bu Fan

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Updated: 2021-10-02 02:25:00

Latest chapter: Chapter 288 Disloyalty

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《The Devilish Immortal》Latest chapter
Chapter 288 Disloyalty
Chapter 287 “Help” Trader
Chapter 286 The Death Sea
Chapter 285 Target of Killing
Chapter 284 Legend of the Dead Mining Area
Chapter 283 The Battle of Diablo: Ending
Chapter 282 The Battle of Diablo: Flames of Love
Chapter 281 The Battle of Diablo: Cold War
Chapter 280 The Battle of Diablo: Sun God
Chapter 279 The Battle of Diablo: Sudden Change
Chapter 278 The Battle of Diablo: Commotion
Chapter 277 The Battle of Diablo: Exquisite
《The Devilish Immortal》' main text
Chapter 288 Disloyalty
Chapter 287 “Help” Trader
Chapter 286 The Death Sea
Chapter 285 Target of Killing
Chapter 284 Legend of the Dead Mining Area
Chapter 283 The Battle of Diablo: Ending
Chapter 282 The Battle of Diablo: Flames of Love
Chapter 281 The Battle of Diablo: Cold War
Chapter 280 The Battle of Diablo: Sun God
Chapter 279 The Battle of Diablo: Sudden Change
Chapter 278 The Battle of Diablo: Commotion
Chapter 277 The Battle of Diablo: Exquisite
Chapter 276 The Battle of Diablo: Dead
Chapter 275 The Battle of Diablo: Non-humans
Chapter 274 The Battle of Diablo: Destined Enemy
Chapter 273 The Battle of Diablo: Old Friend
Chapter 272 The Battle of Diablo: Daybreak
Chapter 271 The Battle of Diablo: Star
Chapter 270 Before the Battle
Chapter 269 Lu Tian Mineral Vein
Chapter 268 Imprisoned Bloodthirsty Shura
Chapter 267 Meeting Enemy in the Tianshu Pavilion
Chapter 266 Being a Favorite
Chapter 265 People Outside the Law
Chapter 264 An Unpredictable Situation
Chapter 263 Out of Danger
Chapter 262 Break Out!
Chapter 261 Fein
Chapter 260 Prelude of War
Chapter 259 The Girl of Spiritual Body
Chapter 258 The Prisoner of Icy Peak
Chapter 257 Seductive Devil Den
Chapter 256 Complicated and Confusing
Chapter 255 Truth and Illusion
Chapter 254 Bloody Tes
Chapter 253 Orc Heritage
Chapter 252 Absolute Trus
Chapter 251 The Fox and Wolf Clan
Chapter 250 The Orc
Chapter 249 Shockwaves
Chapter 248 The Inverted Scale
Chapter 247 Surprise Attack
Chapter 246 The Green Light in the Ancient Temple
Chapter 245 The Bloody Zone and the Crazy City
Chapter 244 One Hundred Years
Chapter 243 The Temporary End
Chapter 242 Refining the Sword with Weapons’ Soul
Chapter 241 Secrets of the Divine Clan
Chapter 240 An Mysterious War
Chapter 239 Unmasking
Chapter 238 The Big Chaos
Chapter 237 Again, Silence
Chapter 236 Absolute Fields
Chapter 235 Break the Sky Part 2
Chapter 234 Break the Sky Part 1
Chapter 233 Determination in Ten Generations Part 2
Chapter 232 Determination in Ten Generations Part 1
Chapter 231 Gravestone without Inscriptions
Chapter 230 Becoming Fugitives
Chapter 229 Resurrection of Dead Spirits
Chapter 228 Invincible Fis
Chapter 227 A Hero Saves a Beauty
Chapter 226 Powerful Divine Body
Chapter 225 A Successful Attack
Chapter 224 Thousands of Devils Roaring Night Formation
Chapter 223 Destiny
Chapter 222 Weapon Incantation and Spirit Swallowing Bugs
Chapter 221 Star Space
Chapter 220 A Bloody Battle
Chapter 219 Dead Soul and Enchanting Figure
Chapter 218 Evil Blood Palace
Chapter 217 Killings in the Million Buddhist Sec
Chapter 216 The Prelude of Chaos
Chapter 215 A Rare Opportunity
Chapter 214 The Final War
Chapter 213 A Great Stride
Chapter 212 Conspiracy Above Board
Chapter 211 Eager To End The Figh
Chapter 210 Reborn
Chapter 209 Power of Fantasy Moon
Chapter 208 Soul Devourmen
Chapter 207 The Legend Of The Divine Mark
Chapter 206 A Huge Gamble
Chapter 205 The Sin
Chapter 204 Disappearance in Old Place
Chapter 203 Immortal General Will Save
Chapter 202 Kill At Nigh
Chapter 201 Departure
Chapter 200 Smash of Soul
Chapter 199 Secret of the Holy Soul Order
Chapter 198 A Beauty and a Man of Sacrifice
Chapter 197 The Intention To Kill In Dark Nigh
Chapter 196 A Deadly Foe
Chapter 195 A Temporary Ally
Chapter 194 Undercurren
Chapter 193 Final Hi
Chapter 192 Fight Devine Body
Chapter 191 Night Figh
Chapter 190 “Illusory Sea”
Chapter 189 Eve of wushu tes
Chapter 188 King of Destroying Formations
Chapter 187 An Unexpected Challenge
Chapter 186 Someone With No Competitors
Chapter 185 Temptations Of The Immortals' Contes
Chapter 184 Huangfu Gang's Ambition
Chapter 183 Enlightenmen
Chapter 182 Lyu Liang's Gains
Chapter 181 Civilization Mecha
Chapter 180 Like A Dream
Chapter 179 A Test for the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 178 Battle in Ancient Times
Chapter 177 Liu Jiawen's Determination
Chapter 176 Spirit Servers of Remote Antiquity
Chapter 175 Five Acts of Heaven Soul
Chapter 174 Mausoleum of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 173 A Weird Cave
Chapter 172 The Truth
Chapter 171 Inside Heavy Fog
Chapter 170 Mysterious Blood Shadow
Chapter 169 Treacherous Lake
Chapter 168 Great Hospitality
Chapter 167 Trap Setters
Chapter 166 Mysterious Civilization
Chapter 165 A Gathering of Geniuses
Chapter 164 A New Superstar
Chapter 163 Greater Strength
Chapter 162 Mother and Son
Chapter 161 Wild Beast in the Pool
Chapter 160 Brother and Sister of the Liu Family
Chapter 159 True and Fake Lyu Liang
Chapter 158 Tianxuan Holy Rattans
Chapter 157 Life-and-Death Promise
Chapter 156 Return to Peace
Chapter 155 Fighting Spiri
Chapter 154 Battle in the Relic
Chapter 153 Immortal Treasure
Chapter 152 Dark Dynasty
Chapter 151 Enemy and Friend
Chapter 150 The Test for Immortal General
Chapter 149 The Name of Lyu Liang
Chapter 148 White and Ape
Chapter 147 Three Major Killing Moves
Chapter 146 Into the Family's Pedigree
Chapter 145 Brother Reunion
Chapter 144 Unfathomable
Chapter 143 Master's Impartation
Chapter 142 Return to the Virtual
Chapter 141 Burning in Anger
Chapter 140 Helping the Justice
Chapter 139 Dominant Return
Chapter 138 Eager to Return Home
Chapter 137 Evolution
Chapter 136 Zhu Yu's Guidance
Chapter 135 Encountering the enemy at the passage
Chapter 134 Conspiracy and War
Chapter 133 Dominant Zhu Yu
Chapter 132 Change
Chapter 131 Love
Chapter 130 Saintess Rosefinch
Chapter 129 Lyu Liang V.S Shura
Chapter 128 Demon Realm's Protection
Chapter 127 Zhu Yu's Regrets
Chapter 126 The Secret Affairs of Heaven Realm
Chapter 125 Xuanli Ancestor
Chapter 124 The Power of the Ultimate Law
Chapter 123 The Order of Soul Detention
Chapter 122 Divine Calculation Esteemed
Chapter 121 Soldiers, Strange Moves
Chapter 120 Unexpected Gain
Chapter 119 Heavy Debt of Gratitude
Chapter 118 Everything is ready
Chapter 117 Sealed in Ice for Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 116 Devil-Immortal Fairy
Chapter 115 Inner Devil
Chapter 114 Rebirth After A Tribulation
Chapter 113 Gaining World Renown
Chapter 112 Fierce Battle in Kunlun Sec
Chapter 111—A Trade
Chapter 110—Lyu Liang's Decision
Chapter 109 Crisis
Chapter 108 Killing intention from the Tao Master
Chapter 107 Surprising Fatty
Chapter 106 Man of Sacrifice
Chapter 105 An Old Friend
Chapter 104 Granted Wish
Chapter 103 Sudden Appearance of Her Whereabouts
Chapter 102 Little Monster
Chapter 101—The Karma Was Well Ended
Chapter 100 Fighting Xieling Ancestor AgainChapter 100 Fighting Xieling Ancestor Again
Chapter 99 Cultivating Is Lengthy
Chapter 98 Heaven-Burning Xumi Formation
Chapter 97 A Strange Enemy
Chapter 96—The Chance for Survival in the Death Road
Chapter 95 Troubles Start inside the House
Chapter 94 Slaughter
Chapter 93 Time Reverse
Chapter 92 Accomplishment in Field Domain
Chapter 91 Genius? Idiot?
Chapter 90 Mysterious Enemy
Chapter 89 Promoting to Nascent Soul
Chapter 88 Everything Settled
Chapter 87 The Dragon-Rising Tao
Chapter 86 Trap
Chapter 85 The Road Is Narrow for Enemies
Chapter 84 Erudite Figure
Chapter 83 Accepting Disciple
Chapter 82 Witnessing the Unfairness
Chapter 81 Agreemen
Chapter 80 Confrontation
Chapter 79 Lyu Liang and Dumb
Chapter 78 Ghostly Fire Palace
Chapter 77 Disguiser
Chapter 76 Promise
Chapter 75 Crisis Precursors
Chapter 74 Heaven-Hell Water
Chapter 73 Zi Tong Sec
The second volume Grand Story in Pangu Origin World - Chapter 72 Dumb Kid
Chapter 71 See Again in Pangu Original World
Chapter 70 The Truth
Chapter 69 The Group's Decision
Chapter 68 Transformation
Chapter 67 The Covenant of the Ancients
Chapter 66 Pangu Origin world
Chapter 65 Suzaku Dreamland
Chapter 64 The Beginning of the Puzzle
Chapter 63 Core Area
Chapter 62 Allies
Chapter 61 The Fifth Move of Heart Swordsmanship
Chapter 60 Life and Death
Chapter 59 The Obscure Hear
Chapter 58 Seven Days in the Mortal World
Chapter 57 Meeting Dongfang Xiaoyu Again
Chapter 56 The Martial Arts Contest 6
Chapter 55 The Martial Arts Contest 5
Chapter 54 The Martial Arts Contest 4
Chapter 53—The Martial Arts Contest 3
Chapter 52 The Martial Arts Contest 2
Chapter 51 The Martial Arts Contest 1
Chapter 50 Dongfang Xiaoyu
Chapter 49 Three Tests
Chapter 48 A Storm Rises
Chapter 47 The Fifth Person
Chapter 46 The Twisted Situation
Chapter 45 Between Good and Evil
Chapter 44 Searching For Someone
Chapter 43 Upgrading of Two Stages
Chapter 42 Ten Years
Chapter 41 Sworn Brothers
Chapter 40 The Land of Origin
Chapter 39 The Third Move of Heart Swordsmanship
Chapter 38 The "Complete State" of Magic Treasures
Chapter 37 Cooperation
Chapter 36 Xu Mubai
Chapter 35 Auction
Chapter 34 Brother-Sister Relationship Revealed
Chapter 33 Confession
Chapter 32 Misunderstanding
Chapter 31 Conflic
Chapter 30 The Day The Ban Was Lifted
Chapter 29 The Fusion of Sword Styles
Chapter 28 Gathering Of The Newbies
Chapter 27 Three Groups People At The Back Hills.
Chapter 26 The Blood Divine Sec
Chapter 25 Sympathetic Hear
Chapter 24 The Origin
Chapter 23 Getting Started
Chapter 22 An Amazing Blow
Chapter 21 The Person Behind the Scenes
Chapter 20 The Demon Emperor Horn
Chapter 19 Uncanny Great Demon Beasts
Chapter 18 The Hellfire Shield
Chapter 17 Fellows
Chapter 16 Fighting Demon
Chapter 15 Blacksheep of the Family
Chapter 14 Test of Spiritual Roo
Chapter 13 Sword Character Immortal Palace
Chapter 12 A Far Journey
Chapter 11 Homecoming
Chapter 10 The Past 3
Chapter 9 The Past 2
Chapter 8 The Past 1
Chapter 7 Xuanli Feiwu
Chapter 6 My Name, Silence
Chapter 5 The Shadow Domain Beas
Chapter 4 The Mysterious Devil Seal
Chapter 3 Devil Soul Awakening
Chapter 2 The Virtual Land
Volume I Leaving the Thatched Cottage for His First Time - Chapter 1 A Great Opportunity