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With the help of King's newly made skill they managed to kill all the bees with much difficulty

Kence sat down on the ground to catch his breath as the fight really made him tired

"My Lord are you okay?" Looking at King worrying at him Kence thought that the decision to save King and Calter back then was a right decision

"Im fine, just a bit tired"

King went to the bees' corpses, he pick some to give to Kence to let him absorb it and regain some energy

All the others did the same but Kence got the most share as most of the bees were killed by him

However, the amount of energy within a bee's body was really too pitiful, it might not even compared to the energy that a human in a second stage has. Thankfully there are lots of these bees and it filled up the quality with quantity

After some time they finally regained their energy

"Let's go to a human city maybe we can get some useful information" Kence decided as they are either in the forest or some deserted places that has no human society on it for quite some time. It was now time to learn more how the new world works

They also have confidence that they won't be bullied by those superpowers as they are all supernaturals with a Bloodline! One of them was even a Bloodline Holder and a Rune Master at the same time

While Kence was a Rank 1 mid-stage!

After travelling for a few kilometers and killing fallens on the way they were now in front of a city

The city was surrounded by 3 meters wall albeit not all the part of the city has this defense as some part of it was still under construction

But considering that this was just the third week of the apocalypse it was already quite good that they managed to build this wall

All the humans who wants to enter the city must do so in the gate of the city but aside from the security that the city provided the citizens was responsible for their wellbeing in terms of food, shelter etc.

The gate was supervised by two arrogant looking guard who clearly looked down on the survivors

But they have enough capability to be arrogant! These two are at the peak of the third stage of [Normal Rank] and they have the backing of the generals who lorded over this city!

After three weeks in the apocalypse, most of the humans already reached the second stage while those who are talented reached the third stage and some even entered the ranks of supernaturals and evolved into a higher level of existence!

Kence's and the others appearance although shock other people but they didn't mind it that much as they knew the existence of Bloodline Holders

Kence and the others intended to wait in line like the other people but the two guards seeing their look run to them

Although these guards are arrogant they wouldn't dare give an attitude to people who have 1 of the four Mystical Occupation!

Even the four generals will fight each other to recruit these kind of people into their ranks! It will give them a

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