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If he die then he die. Dying is now a common thing in this apocalyptic era and dying means that he won't need to suffer anymore after all he is so weak! Being weak means that you would be just trample down by the strong

But can he just die like that? He may have killed the thug's leader but there is still the thug's subordinate his revenge is only 50% done! He needs to kill all those who take away everything from him

Without the middle-age man knowing, a seed of darkness was slowly being planted on his mind. This seed in the future will grow making his name become something that will cause fear to everyone. Well, that is for the future but now he's still just a weakling

He is unwilling! He can't just let end things like this!

He kneeled down in front of the mysterious tree

"No matter what you are, a demon or an angel I don't care! Please help me and my son! You killed the thug's leader and you are powerful please save my son! I promise that my life would be yours to decide" saying this the middle-age man pressed his forehead on the ground

At this point of time Kence was still in joy for absorbing the thug's energy that is even a little bit more than the first fallen that he killed maybe because after successfully consuming the Blood Bean the thug cultivated and absorbed some more energy. Although the energy that he got is only comparable to a full day of his own cultivation, still that means that he was one day ahead of other humans! This advantage will slowly accumulate until he become one of the strongest human... or rather tree

Hearing the sincere pleading tone of the man even kowtowing on him even though he is a tree made Kence very much want to help him but what can he do? Even when he was attacked by a fallen and patch of his barks was destroyed his tree body was only healed because of the energy that he absorbed from the fallen


Kence's eyes lit up as he realized something, if he was healed because of energy then can he use energy to heal others too?

Wanting to test his hypothesis Kence tried to manipulate some of his energy to try healing the child. Wanting to test is one thing sadly, Kence's current ability to manipulate energy is quite weak, he can't properly control his energy to flew to the child's head to try if it can heal him

A few moments pass that nothing happened, the middle-age man's face darken, will his son really die? But suddenly a few light green particles surrounded him and his son. The particles has a gentle smoothing effect on it that makes one feel comfortable and the previously pale face of his son due to blood loss started to slowly return to normal. Even the back of the man that was hit by the stone slowly started to heal

Since Kence can't properly control his energy so he decided to just let loose his energy to surround the child with his energy but he underestimated the amount of energy needed to heal them. In jst a few breathes all his energy reserves were

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