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The five walk towards the pillar of light while guarding up for any suspicious things that they might encounter

In just a few minutes inside a small forest they reached their destination but they were taken aback on what they saw

They speculated different things that they will encounter like a powerful foe that is perhaps more powerful than a Knight Rank Supernatural or a Rank 3 creature

Perhaps there is some sort of treasure that cause those lights but what they saw was a small simple wooden building

The wooden building was just a small one and look so ordinary, it was to the point that anyone who saw it will just think that before the apocalypse era someone made a small hut inside the forest to rest

On top of the wooden building a signage can be seen containing the words "Angel's Shop"

Kence tried sensing what is inside it and he can't sense the slightest bit of aura on it, it was as if it's really just a small wooden hut

"[Innate Skill: Nature's Battle Armor!]" Kence immediately activated his most powerful skill in case something unexpected will happen

He slightly pushed the door and it was easily opened

One by one they slowly entered and they were shock at what they saw

On the outside the wooden hut appears to be so small that if five people entered at the same time it will be too crowded inside

However, the space inside the shop was a few times bigger than what it looks like outside

They also discovered that the energy inside is denser than outside. Outside they felt that the energy were a mixture of everything and was very messy, they cannot explain it quite well but it seems like the energy outside was composed of different energies. But inside the hut, they felt that there is only a single type of energy present

Calter spread his senses, before they can only sense the energy but now he saw how the energy inside was pure white in color

When they cultivate they only sense the energy that appears to be vapor like white or it was more accurate to describe it as colorless but now the energy he sense gained a pure dazzling white color

Calter removed his focus first about it and started looking at the surrounding

The inside of the shop was quite simple, there are a few wooden shelves containing various things that they didn't know and never seen before

The items on the shelves are placed neatly as if the one who put them there is obsess in cleanliness

On the other end of the shop they saw a small half round wooden table that looks like a counter

Inside the counter they saw the most beautiful woman they ever saw smiling at them

It was as if time itself stop because of the woman's face, her dazzling smile numb all their senses and at that time all they want to do is to stare at this beauty

Even the most beautiful women on the magazines can be called as ugly women if they compare them to the woman in front of them

"Welcome to the Angel's Shop" the woman's angelic voice was as beautiful as her appearance, even the most beautiful song paled in comparison on just her normal voice

Everything about the woman exudes a pure aura as if having any malicious thoughts about her was something that will already taint this beauty

It took quite some time for the five to recover from their shock but no one of them has the courage to speak

"Umm hello?" The Angelic woman called out, although all of them know that not speaking at all and just staring at the woman is rude but they just can't find their voice to speak

The angelic woman chuckled, she snapped her fingers and a white mask covered half of her face

When she covered her face Kence and the others saw the illusion that the world dimmed and the one that light up the world was the woman's face that is now covered by a mask

Although her face was covered no one will believe that under that mask is an ugly woman, even her moist red lips was enough to make any man willing to lose the

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