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elic voice was as beautiful as her appearance, even the most beautiful song paled in comparison on just her normal voice

Everything about the woman exudes a pure aura as if having any malicious thoughts about her was something that will already taint this beauty

It took quite some time for the five to recover from their shock but no one of them has the courage to speak

"Umm hello?" The Angelic woman called out, although all of them know that not speaking at all and just staring at the woman is rude but they just can't find their voice to speak

The angelic woman chuckled, she snapped her fingers and a white mask covered half of her face

When she covered her face Kence and the others saw the illusion that the world dimmed and the one that light up the world was the woman's face that is now covered by a mask

Although her face was covered no one will believe that under that mask is an ugly woman, even her moist red lips was enough to make any man willing to lose their lives just to get a taste of

The five recovered and cough awkwardly

Calter stared at the woman and he felt a sense of closeness towards her. The woman noticed it and just smiled as if she was expecting it

"W-who are you?" Kence asked and look at the various things on the shelves and he can sense that all those things contained energy inside them. Any things that has energy was bound to be something that is not normal

"And what is this place?"

The woman expecting this questions chuckled once again, thankfully her face was already covered if not then Kence and the others are sure that her voice will once again numb all their senses

"Hi, I am Ariel, I am the owner of the Angel's Shop Branch here" Ariel looked around the various goods in the shops "all of the things here are beneficial for supernaturals"

She spread her pam and a ball like thing appeared on her palm "this is a Holy Attribute Energy Pearl" she closed her palm and the Energy Pearl disappeared

"Any type of Energy Pearl are the currency here in my shop, all things here can only be bought with Energy Pearl"

"What is Energy Pearl?" Kence asked as this was the first time he heard of those things

Ariel once again spread her palm and a translucent ball like thing appeared on it "this is a raw Energy Pearl"

From her palm a few white energy particles came out and entered the pearl

The translucent pearl slowly gained a brilliant white light inside "this is a Rank 2 Energy Pearl"

The pearl flew from her palm and hovered in front of Kence

Kence sense the energy inside the pearl, the amount of energy was shocking to him

He only had roughly as much energy inside the pearl when he broke through the Knight Rank. Kence looked towards Ariel who appears as if the energy she used was just a drop on the energy inside her which is actually the case

Just who Ariel is? She is a Rank 4 Angel. Even the weakest Rank 4 creature can easily kill a bunch of Rank 2 Crea

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