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"[Rune Magic: Energy Skin!]" Cesar activated five Runes at the same time for each of them

The light green energy covered their bodies like a new layer of skin and added to their defense. He was also angered when the group of Supernaturals hurt Ivy and he was determined to help them 'kill'

From the wrapped vines on Calter's arms it bloomed two flowers each that hovered around him

Calter controlled the energy in the surrounding and directed it to be absorbed by the flowers. The middle part of the flowers glowed with light and shot a laser beam like thing

"[Magic Skill: Magic Barrier!]" The fourty peak Warrior Rank Supernaturals all activated the same skill and although Calter's attack was normally enough to effortlessly kill all of them but their numbers made up for that

These barriers managed to resist the four laser of light that was directed to the Mystics. After all the Mystics are the core of their group and if all of them die their deaths were also certain

"[Innate Skill: Sword-Leaf Slash!]" Kence waved his wooden swords and two crescent shape sword slash made from leaves flew in the air aiming to kill

"[Earth Magic: Boulder Creation!]" One of the Mages created two big boulders. With his ability he can't control the boulders to attack because it was too big and he can only control it to float for a few seconds, luckily he was not alone

Two men with muscular body will make these boulders a deadly attack. The men's hands were covered with some tattoo like lines that is radiating out a huge amount of life force

With their powerful bodies they managed to easily used their palms to push the boulders and it immediately flew in the air meeting the two sword slashes

As the boulders were man size and were very thick Kence's attack only destroyed a portion of it before it continued flying in their direction

Kence easily evaded by using the speed provided by his wooden foot armor

He look at their enemies and became more wary, although he and Calter are in the peak of Knight Ranks and were more powerful than normal people at their rank they can't easily kill these people

Not only are they powerful on their own but they also have a good teamwork skills. At this time, there are mages that can make gigantic boulders but they don't have enough strength to use it as an attack

But with the help of two Cultivators who has powerful physical body they managed to use the force their palm exerted to aim at him

Nonetheless, what needs to be done must be done

"[Innate Skill: Leaf Storm!]" Thousands of leaves were generated from the wave of Kence's hand. He used it to block the enemies' vision which will make them vulnerable to sneak attacks

Kence run to where the normal Supernaturals are. These people might not have much strength but their numbers and variety of attacks would pose them quite a lot of problem

He chose a spot where there are more enemies and stamped his foot heavily on the ground

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