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With the help of the fog the old man were able to kill the weaker fallens but it came with a huge energy expenditure

At this time one of the early-stage Knights discovered where the old man is, it waved its hand and produced two crescent shape energy attack that wished to cut the old man in half

"[Copy Magic: Velocity Manipulation!]" The scientist poured a lot of his energy on this spell, although he have other spells to block this attack but most of it have a flashy effects

For example, he can make a barrier made from fire, water, earth etc. However, doing so will make his location known to the other fallens

The arcs of light stopped in mid-air

"Ha!!" With a shout the scientist controlled it and it flew back towards the fallen with a faster speed than before

The fallen was taken aback as it didn't expect that its own attack would be deflected back to him

The fallen flew higher to evade but the scientist won't let that happen, as he let go of his control on the velocity spell he activated another spell

"[Copy Magic: Wind Lock!]" A thin layer of winds covered the fallen's body, the wind locked down the unfortunate fallen on its own place and the crescent shape energy managed to successfully behead it

Wind his mind and tactic the old man killed a fallen with the same cultivation base as him with just a few spells!

His intelligence was not only in research but also in a battlefield!

"[Copy Magic: Fog Wolves!]" Another group of wolves were created using the fog in the environment, as usual it went to the weaker fallens and sneaked attack on them

With this strategy the old man successfully killed all the Warrior Flying Fallens but just like Sun this made his energy reserves to be less than half of his full capacity after all maintaining this sea of fog also consumed a bit of his energy every second. There were still almost ten Knight Rank Fallens remaining and he didn't know how he can kill all of those

Sun stared at the four remaining mid-stage Knight Fallens who also looked back and howl

The two muscular fallens charged towards him while the other two fallens used their long range attacks

Two fist were flying towards him while two crescent shape energy and a cloud of gray fog shot towards him

More of Sun's envy energy came out from him body and his aura intensifies, his hair were being blown by the intense winds and this just add up to his demonic look

Using the envy energy as a fuel to strengthen his physical attributes, he used his Lance to easily destroy the long range attacks of the fallens

The two muscular fallens on the other hand managed to punch Sun on his body

Sun forcefully bear the attacks with using the envy energy covering his body but it still made him to cough out some blood

"[Hell Flame Magic: Blazing Stamp!]"

Sun's hell flames covered his right foot, this time the flames were even denser than before. Clearly, the amount of energy used was higher

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