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"Time to end this war" Kence run to where the last evolved fallen is

Just like when he and Mary were fighting the evolved fallen even though the two Generals and one Vice-General was injuring it the nightmare fallens effortlessly healed it

Unlike mid-stages experts these early stage Mystics has lower amount of energy thankfully they have the Cheating Rune Master!

With his runes that gives people energy they managed to fight the fallen without draining all of their energy deserves

"There's no end to this!" The lightning leopard Vice-General was irritated now. With their team fighting strenght and unlimited reserves of energy only time was needed to kill this evolved fallen however because of the nightmare fallen healing it even when fighting for so long not even a single injury was left on the evolved fallen!

"Need help?" It was at this time that Kence reached his destination and seeing how these Mystics are irritated he can't help but tease them

Sensing the aura from Kence that become much stronger they can't help but have a sigh of relief. With him they have a high chance of finally killing this hateful fallen

"Please do help us. We need to end this war quickly, I don't want more people to die" Gerald plead, he really is a man of virtue! He was the most kind-hearted among all Generals

"I'll help you but I will take the fallen's corpse while you decide what to do with the Blood Bean, do you agree?" Even if Kence wants the Blood Bean too they are willing to give it to him as with their own ability they almost have 0% chance in successfully killing the evolved fallen thus they all agreed

Just like before Kence used his root to bind the fallen "strike it on the head"

The three was shock at how Kence can easily bind the evolved fallen. Even Cesar when using his Vine Binding Runes needed at least five Runes to bind the fallen

However, Kence can effortlessly do it and when he used his root it does not even seem like a true skill but just simply coiling root on the fallen

Nonetheless they know what to do and they simultaneously atack the fallen's head as it cannot use its arm to defend it was killed instantly

The process was so fast that the three cannot believe it

Gerald took the Blood Bean and gave the corpse to Kence which he joyfully absorb

"Let's discuss later how to divide the spoils of war for now let's just end this quickly" the two agreed

"I'll take my leave now" without waiting for their reply Kence run again but now he run towards the normal and transformed fallens

He leap to the air and landed in the middle of the sea of fallens while his feet crushed an unlucky fallen's head

"Time for massacre. Tree Body come out!" Behind Kence his 5 meters tree body emerge and smashed the fallens that was on its way

"[Absorb!]" As the roots of the tree was 4 meters long, the fallens 4 meters around Kence without exemption was absorb by his terryfying roots

The normal supernat

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