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If Demons desired to be strong so that they can rule over everything and make their lives their own. It was to the point that even if they become corrupted they won't care, as long as they can become stronger even if they need to do horrible things they won't hesitate

Angels, however are different. They seek strength to protect themselves and the people they love. Although they are kind hearted but they are also not a fool. If needed they will dye their hands with blood and judge those who have sinned

A streak of golden lightning strike down from the sky and hit Calter's body. The Heavenly Law descended and filled Calter with unbelievable strength

The golden lightning bathed the kid's body and filled him with power. Everyone who saw this felt suffocated as if someone who can judge them for their sins arrived

When it finished, sparks of lightnings can be seen swimming on Calter's body

"[Angelic Magic: Heaven's Judgement First Form]" Calter's voice filled with boundless authority travelled on everyone's ears

The Supernaturals around trembled in fear, their bodies were filled with sweat and some were even on the brink of wetting themselves

The energy of the world constricted their bodies making it hard for them to move. If before Calter only gave off the feeling that the world was helping him but now that is exactly the case

The rogue energies in the environment became his enemies's headache. Even just moving a bit feels like they are carrying a hundred pounds of weight

"A-attack!" The Cultivator gritted his teeth and force his body to move. The tattoo on his hands once again glowed with intense light and an illusory image of a lion's head appeared

"Kill the kid first!" He sprinted as fast as he can but he only managed to take a few steps before they heard Calter's voice again

"[Mortal Judgement!]"


Calter borrowed the power of the world and streak of serpent like golden lightnings fell down from the sky

The lightnings brought a glaring intense light that blinded everyone. Every lightning was filled with enormous power and majesty as if all living creatures can be judge by it

The lightning landed on the body of the Supernaturals, they were not even able to let out a scream before their body disintegrated. The lightning was so powerful that it didn't even met a resistance despite how the Supernaturals desperately tried to protect themselves

The golden lightning swimming on Calter's body vanished and even his Holy Tree of Diligent Transformation undo itself. Around his body specks of lights flew out and formed his seedling shape soul before it entered inside him

The dark clouds dissipated and the weather returned to normal as if nothing happened

Borrowing the power and authority of the Heavens brought a huge burden on Calter's body. All of his energy including the white ones were all use up and he fell down on the ground unconscious

Things happened so fast that Kence

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