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Kence retrieved his bag first to replenish his energy, he used a lot of his energy reserves when battling that Grand Knight Fallen. He took one fruit and wear his bag on his back. As the Rank 3 fallen was already dead it was easy to kill the remaining fallens

Soon, dead corpse littered the ground. As of now only five of the Queen Bee's bodyguards survived. Only ten percent of their original number. He looked at the bee and decided to just left it there. It was already good of him that he saved them, how to survive next was up to them to decide

The Queen Bee however has another plan, it cautiously tailed behind Kence and followed him. When Kence turned his back and look at them the Queen Bee flinched and put more distance between them. But when Kence started walking again the bees once again followed suit

"Don't follow me!" Kence said although he was not sure if the bees will understand his words. He doesn't know if it was just his imagination but the Queen Bee throwed him a pitiful look. It was like the bee was asking for his help

"Argh whatever" Kence just rolled his eyes and let the bees follow him. The Queen Bee flew next to him and the rest surrounded them as if they were acting as guards. "Attack me and your dead" Kence was still apprehensive about these bees. After all they were attacked by bees many times before

When he returned to the central part of the forest the four were still there doing their own training. When they saw Kemce surrounded by bees their instincts almost made them attack immediately. Whenever they see bees before those bees always attack them so they can't be blamed

"T-they are not enemies?" Cesar narrowed his eyes, this was the first time the bees didn't attack them on site. "I saved these bees and they followed me here" Kence said bitterly

Calter went to the Queen Bee and touched it on its belly. The bee's body trembled and flew away from Calter as if he tickled her. Calter lightly laughed and chased the bee intending to touch it again. Looking at Calter who was finally resembling a kid, Kence thought that his decision to take these bees in their home was a right choice

It's just that it was a bit weird that Calter would have a bee as 'pet' if it was a dog or cat it wasn't that hard to accept. After playing with it for a while Calter took out one of his blue fruits and gave it to the Queen Bee. The bee circled around the fruit and looked towards its underlings. The worker bees flew and bite on the fruit. The next thing they do made Calter to blink his eyes blankly

They were putting the part of the fruit they ate to the stomach of each other. "S-shameless" Ivy forgot that they are bees and thought that they were 'kissing.' She thought that what they were doing was too indecent

The bees then flew to Kence's tree body and started secreting an unknown substance from their body. They clustered in one of the tree's branch and looks like they were building something. "Are they making a hive.....on my body?"

Not only were these shameless bees seek asylum from Kence but they also decided to build their nest on his body. "But....I think it's not that bad. If they reproduce we will have bee soldiers" King's words made the others to realized the potential and future use of these bees

Bees are known to be a pack insects and they have great numbers. Just imagine a swarm of bees attacking you, won't that give you goosebumps?

Kence on the other hand was in a deep thought as he realized something. In this apocalypse it looks like everything that was happening was on his favor. First he gained King and Cesar. King has a great fighting potential while Calter became a Virtue Angel. Second was Cesar who also has great potential as he was both a Bloodline Holder and Rune Master. Ivy on the other hand although not that good at fighting but with the Rainbowshade flower they found she can become a great poison user and also alchemist

All of the comrades he gained w

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