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g a hive.....on my body?"

Not only were these shameless bees seek asylum from Kence but they also decided to build their nest on his body. "But....I think it's not that bad. If they reproduce we will have bee soldiers" King's words made the others to realized the potential and future use of these bees

Bees are known to be a pack insects and they have great numbers. Just imagine a swarm of bees attacking you, won't that give you goosebumps?

Kence on the other hand was in a deep thought as he realized something. In this apocalypse it looks like everything that was happening was on his favor. First he gained King and Cesar. King has a great fighting potential while Calter became a Virtue Angel. Second was Cesar who also has great potential as he was both a Bloodline Holder and Rune Master. Ivy on the other hand although not that good at fighting but with the Rainbowshade flower they found she can become a great poison user and also alchemist

All of the comrades he gained was talented and can rise above the masses. Although there were times that the five of them almost died but still up to now all of them survived. Also, those life threatening experience just made them stronger

He was not being arrogant but this was like gaining a protagonist halo. Also, back at the Angel's Shop when he said that he was not a protagonist in a novel that mysterious and powerul being asked if he was sure. He can still remember that although her face was surrounded by white light he can feel that she was looking at something on his body

The things that are happening now was making him overthink. Even now he suddenly gained a potential bee army, just why are things always working on his favor?

"Lord are you okay?" King asked when he saw Kence's absent minded look. The others also looked at him. "It's nothing, I was just thinking about something" Kence said while shaking his head

Kence decided to put his thoughts at the back of his mind for now. He can't possibly figure things out now, might as well become productive and not waste time

"Then I will go back to cultivate" Calter said and waved good bye at them. King sighed at that, although there were some improvements but Calter was still a cultivation maniac

"Then I'll also go back to work on my Soul. I still got a long way to make a barrier" Cesar said helplessly. Out of all of them he has one of the most important job. His rune will give them a great defensive power but it was too hard to make it

The bees continued buzzing around and Kence's face darkened at seeing they were eating another blue fruits of his. His blue fruits reserves were already pitifully low but here they are shamelessly consuming his hard work. Whether it be their personal use, making a treant, and maintaining the bees all required a lot of energy. The amount that Kence doesn't have on him

This cannot continue, they need to have a stockpile of energies. 'If only we have an energy factory' Kence thought

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