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Another two weeks passed marking the 5th month of the apocalypse. The small base in the forest received a huge boost in power. As of now there are already fifteen Knight Rank treants and an additional one hundred warrior bees. The bees are only in the Warrior Rank while the five who survived before were the only ones in the Knight Rank

The number of fallens continued to rise, fortunately with the base's members now it was not that too hard to defend. Also, the bees' honey actually has a good effect. The mutated honey contained lightning power and if eaten directly the electric currents from it will stimulate one's body

If you are injured the honey will stimulate your cells and it will boost the rate of cell division thus raising your recovery rate. It can also be use as a 'buff' when battling. The electricity will stimulate your nerves causing your reaction time to be almost double than normal!

The fruits that they ate were really worth it. Aside from having a buff honey Kence also gained a hundred warrior rank minions. Thankfully, there are mutated flowers everywhere in the forest. If not, all of Kence's blue fruits would be consumed by these bees

Ivy was currently in the cave while King, Cesar, and Calter were watching her. After a month she finally gained enough soul control and she decided to see if she can make a potion.

In front of her were a variety of herbs, plants and some glass vials. These glass were scavenged on the houses and buildings outside the forest. Ivy took a long grass called 'Titan Grass' it was called as such becaude it height reached two meters. It was really a titan among grass

The Rainbowshade Flower flew out from her forehead and entered the physical realm once again. She took a deep breath and put the 'fuel' on the flower. Her soul power particularly the control aspect were given to the flower to activate one of its usage

The flower glowed with rainbow color and black like things were being absorned by the flower. Those black particles were the impurities inside the titan grass. Letting the flower to absorb those impurities was actually not a bad thing

The impurities are also considered as a poison, it was like feeding a poison with poison. This will in fact will make the Rainbowshade Flower to have a more potent poison power

When the impurities were finally removed, the hard steps for Ivy finally began. Actually, if it were other people all the steps in refining a potion were all hard. Even just removing the impurities required a lot of soul power. Ivy however was different, she has the cheat flower. As long as she feed it with enough soul power it can remove an ingredient's impurity

She used her soul power and the grass that was devoid of impurities were covered by it. That was one can see in the macroscopic level. But if you look at it in the microscopic level you will see that there were tentacle like things that was capturing the grass' useful essence

The grass was slo

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