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In the past month Kence rarely fought and he decided to take this chance to hone his battle skills again. He don't want his skills to become rusty, being able to fully use the strength of your body was extremely important

In just a few seconds he retracted the wooden palms and that familiar armor covered his arms and feet. While on his hand was holding a wooden sword

Kence's figure danced in the battle field. Every time that sword lights flash a fallen will die and fell on the ground. Killing the numerous Warrior and Knight Rank fallens were too easy for him. It was like Kence was just taking a stroll in the park

However, these kind of fallens were not his goal. Although he wanted to uncover the secrets behind why the fallens are increasing but even he knew that it was an almost impossible goal. For now his biggest goal was to find Grand Knight creatures

It was more dangerous to fight those fallens but it will also make him more familiar with his body strenght. He circled around the forest but he didn't even encounter a single Grand Knight Fallen

Hours passed without him achieving his goal, he even wonder why there are a lot of Warrior and Knight Rank fallens but there were almost no Grand Knight ones. The other humans are also wondering about this. Yes, the fallens' numbers became abnormally high but there were almost no Grand Knight ones

Unbesknown to them, the reason was because the Mother Fallens are feeling insecure. They feared that someone will invade their nest and kill them. Almost all of powerful fallens became their guards and were always close to them. The Mother Fallens almost can't use their powers that were far above than any other creatures om earth. If a group of humans come their life would be in great danger thus they can only rely on their underlings

Since it was almost night time Kence decided to call it a day and go back to their base. However, what he searched for a whole day finally decided to show itself. He saw a Rank 3 creature but it was not a fallen. It was a mutated bee!

The race that always decided to attack his group, although those are mostly fallen bees. But all of his expectations for a Rank 3 creature all shattered when he saw the mutated bee

Around it were about fifty human head size bees and are mostly in the Knight Rank. While the bee that looks like the Queen was twice the size of its underlings. However, Kence saw that the Queen Bee was too weak!

It can only attack by shooting small sparks of lighting on its stinger but its fire power was even weaker than Knight Rank bees!

The bees were surrounded by fallens both land and flying type. As these bees can't fly too high the stronger land type fallens can leap in the air to reach them. They were currently in a very dangerous position. The Queen Bee was surrounded and being protected by its worker bees. Although they have a Grand Knight with them but its firepower was too lacking

The original fifty bees were dyi

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