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Some similar scenes to Alice happened everywhere in the whole Forest of Wonders. Some, due to some luck stumbled upon a place where they can get some inheritance. If they succeeded then they would surely become one of the strongest among the humanity

Another example is Brony, a brute man with a wild personality. Even though he was just a normal Supernatural and not a Mystic his strength was top notch among normal Supernaturals. He can even defeat some of weaker Mystics at his level

Brony is an early stage Grand Knight Supernatural, even his Rank was higher than most Mystics who all have something to rely on to make their selves stronger

He was currently fighting a group of ten bears. The strongest was in the same rank as him and the others are all in the peak of Knight Rank. He didn't flee though, a craze smile appeared on his face before he growled like an animal even if he is a human

"[Magic Skill: Hard Claws!]" Another layer of skin appeared on his hands that turned into a sharp and hard claws like the ones that a wild beast has. He jumped and he reached four meters in the air, using the gravity to make his attack stronger

His claws went to attack one of the Knight Rank Bear that died immediately as he claws burrowed on its eyes to the brain. Brony kicked on the bear's body to take back his hand inside its body. The blood and brain matter from the bear on his claws further enhanced his animalistic nature and assaulted his sense

He growled again before charging at the other bears. The leader bear was enraged at seeing one of its underlings was killed just like that. The bear's paw shone with a metallic luster and it charged towards Brony

The claw and paw met causing Brony to be blown away tens of meters. A normal bear's physical strength was already stronger than normal humans much less a bear that mutated and became a Grand Knight Supernatural. If Brony decided to fight it with force he doesn't have any chance of winning then

The pain just ignited more of Brony's animalistic nature, he stared at the bear with wild and excited eyes. He wants to have a life and death battle with it but the Knight Rank Bears are hindrances and he decided to kill those first

"[Magic Skill: Hard Legs!]" Brony's leg turned even more muscular with some veins popping on it. His speed exploded and his leg pierced another bear's eyes. Even when being this wild he still knew that these bear's defenses are extremely great. It would be hard for him to kill them if he doesn't attack in vulnerable parts like the eyes

Brony kicked the bear with his other leg to extract his leg on its flesh. He didn't stop though and went to another bear and stood on its shoulder. The bears are almost three meters high that's why Brony can easily use his smaller body size to his advantage. These bears have great defense and raw power but their speed was lower than Brony

The bear used its paw to smack the human on its shoulder but Brony jumped away

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