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d like a maniac. Due to how hard he laughed more blood came out from his mouth landing on his body and the ground

His blood dyed the ground, without him knowing the place he landed on has a pair of wings mark. His blood activated the power behind that mark and a white holy light engulfed his whole bloodied and damaged body

When the light vanish it took Brony with it! The bears didn't know why the human they were fighting seconds ago suddenly vanished. They howled in anger before walking away, with their intelligence if they can't see the human what's the point of it?

When Brony vanish he was transported in a place full of red. The sky doesn't have a sun but only blood red clouds. He felt some sticky liquid on his foot and when he looked down he saw endless amount of blood

Everywhere he looks there would be a huge sea of blood. The area that the blood covered was wide but it is actually just a few centimeters deep. The metallic bloody smell in the air will make normal people nauseous but Brony was different

Even though this was his first time seeing this much blood but in the new apocalyptic era just how many creature he killed? How many blood he spilled? How many blood of different organisms came into contact on his body? He already lost count

Suddenly, from the sky a humanoid figure landed on the ground. It only stands on with its legs and has two pairs of hand but the thing's feature was not human like. His face was akin to that of a lion, no his body looks like a humanoid shape lion

He has that wild and craze look just like Brony and the two stared at each other's eyes before the lion man laughed loudly. "HAHAA! Welcome Challenger! You now have only two fate. One is to pass the tests and challenges and gain the inheritance or die here and your blood will join the ones on the ground!"

If it were other people they would surely freak out. But who is Brony? He likes blood and challenges and if the two combined then he will love it!

"You better make the challenge a hard one!" Brony said arrogantly. For him a challenge that is not hard is no challenge at all. The lion man's laughter became even louder as if he was the only man in the world. "Of course! Of course!"

"Now, I won't waste time for pointless chit chat. Let blood be spilled!" After saying those words, the lion man vanished into light particles that covered Brony's whole body and his injuries immediately recovered. Even his energy was replenished

Then, hundreds of humanoid shape beast appeared in the endless sea of blood. All of them has ferocious looks on their face as if they can't wait to rip Brony to shreds and drink his blood

"Hahaha! Survive and kill these beasts. The bloodier the better!" The lion man's voice entered Brony's ears which caused him to smile wildly. "Good! Good! That's what I like!"

Brony didn't even care at how many beasts he needs to fight. As long as he can let loose other things didn't bothered him. Even if he dies so what? Just how many million humans died on earth because of the apocalypse? Him adding one to the number won't mean much!

Thus, a bloody massacre started in the blood filled space


After days of constant travel, Anna finally reached the entrance to Kence's forest. Before, it took a lot of time of travel but now the fallens are mostly within their nest. Even the mutated animals were reduced in number which the humans didn't know why. The humans finally had the chance to take a breather from the constant dangers. As of now Anna is already an early stage Grand Knight and her speed was much higher than normal humans

Aside from sleeping, eating and resting for a bit all she does after escaping from God's Tech City was running with another horse she tamed and used it to travel and travel!

Fortunately, many plants mutated and in the wild as long as you have strength you won't need to be afraid that you won't have anything to eat. If there is no plant then you sim

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