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amaliaverdezoto > Being a Mistress for Revenge > 14 Mark is substitute for lizard..
e water.. Your sandwich won't run away..

Anna: after listening to his words, my hiccups stopped maybe because I was scared for him..

Yes, my mom usually says that hiccups will stop when we scared of something..

She always pranks a lizard trick..

I am scared of lizards.. So she says lizard on my shoulder that's it, I will get up and dance..

And my hiccups will automatically stop..

Now my substitute for lizard is Marks's voice..

No, no the substitute for lizard is Mark..

I feel funny when I imagine his face with a lizard..

Yeah, he always scolds me when I call his name as Mark..

So from today, his pet name is a lizard..

How funny..

I just laugh to forget about mark sit in front of me..

Mark: what makes you laugh.. I just told drink some water..

Anna: am fine.. And I have another bite of sandwich..

Meanwhile, he ate 2 sandwiches and drink some fresh orange juice and went to his room..

I finished 2 sandwiches and Nany kept another 2 sandwiches in my plate..

I pretend not to eat..

But am still starving..

I act like I ate extra sandwiches just because of Nany's force..

Meanwhile, a woman enters the hall..

She well dressed.. Blessed and looks like a friend we share everything.

I stare at her..

She wishes me "Hi Anna.. How are you?

Anna: feel better...

And I stare on Nany that who's she that she knows my name too...

Nany introduces that she is the doctor Mona, who take care of me..

I suddenly stand to respect her..

She immediately comes to me and put her hand on my shoulder and said.. No formalities Anna..

Feel free..

Are you ready to dress up your wound?

Anna: sure Dr.. I will follow you to the bedroom..

Dr Mona: Anna no formalities between us..

Just call me Mona, it's comfortable.. ok?

Anna: ok...

We both went to our room for dressing my wound..

Nany also comes along with us to help..

I sat on my bed..

nany close the door and help Mona..

First, she cleaned my wrist wound with hydrogen peroxide..

It hurts a lot, tears filled my eyes..

Nanny came near me, I hold Nanys hand with my other hand..

After that, she cleaned my neck wound..

It also hurts a bit, but I can bear..

And then..

Dr. Mona: can you remove your shirt?

Anna: I feel shy, can you manage if I flip my shoulder sleeve to down.. I moved my shirt down towards my hand, it's clear coverage of my wound..

Dr.Mona: (smile on her face) ok..

She takes the cotton and she pours the hydrogen peroxide and spirit.

I suddenly scream loudly..

I can't bear this pain. Tears fall from my eyes..

But Mona didn't disturb on my screams and she continued her work with cleaning the wound and pack with cotton pads,...

My face is full of red..

I then saw Mona she's just taking injections..

Anna: Mona is that injectable for me?

Dr. Mona: Yes, dear..

I stand and started moving little by little towards the door..

Mona is busy with filling with medicine..

Then she saw me.. And ask," are you scared of injections?"

Anna: I am scared of needles...

Please Mona, can you give me a tablet instead of injection.

Dr.Mona: sorry dear...

It's an antibiotic.

I need to give this to you it will heal your wound soon...

(By saying that she started moving towards Anna)

Anna: please Mona I will eat 10 more tablets instead of this injection..

(Am saying that and am moving towards door..)

It won't hurt Anna

Anna: please, please.. I will do anything..

(I handle the doorknob)..

Mona: Don't dare to escape from me Anna..

I treat so many patients like you.. (she is just coming close to me)

Nanny, please help me..

Please say to Mona no needles...

Nanny: Anna beta it won't hurt..

Let's cooperate..

Both of them are coming near me..

I opened the knob and I entered outside suddenly my head hit something..

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