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amaliaverdezoto > Being a Mistress for Revenge > 51 Jack.. The Detective
Genie's Pov:


He is angry with me many times due to my stupid acts..

I always try to seduce him..

But he never falls for me..

Or he didn't even have sex with me..

Actually, I am his junior..

I always have a crush on Mark..

I think if I move closer to another boy..,

Mark will feel jealous and he will come to me.

But I was wrong..

He normally acts with me even though I am close to another boy..

The other boy to whom I get close is my ex-boyfriend (the one who had sex with me in the couples party..)

He takes advantage of me..

He took my virginity..

I still remember how he trapped me..


Our school uniform for girls is skirts and shirts..

The height of the skirt will be made by our own choice..

mine is near my Thighs..

my ex-boyfriend name is "Jack"..

initially, he touches me near my Thighs in the school..

I sensed it as casual..

Then he starts to touch my boobs..

and create like he is touching it accidentally..

He comes to my home if we have any work or project work..

One day..,

the day before mathematics exam..

I was very poor in mathematics..

He came to my home to help me in preparation..

we went to our room for preparation..

then my dad bought fruit juice for us..

I take a break and went to washroom..

when I came out of the washroom.. he showed me my glass of juice to drink..

After I drink the juice..

my eyes start dizzyness..

I sat on my bed and call Jack for help..

Genie: Hey Jack.. I feel Dizzy..

Jack: What happened Gen, (he came near to me and sat beside me..)

Genie: call my dad Jack.. I feel ill..

then jack immediately get to the door and locked it and look at me and said

Jack: I am here to take care of you Gen..

Don't worry..

(he smirk on his face and come close to me and sat beside me by touching my Thighs..

he then slowly keep his hand on my back near my bra strip..)

Jack: maybe you will feel better if you remove this..

(he said and he keeps his hand under my shirt and removes my bra buttons.. suddenly my boobs pop out..

He can clearly see the shape of my boobs..)

Jack: Hey Gen.. something is just pop out here..

(he finished his statement and keep his other hand directly on my boobs under my shirt with his other hand..

But I feel very pleasure when he touched my boobs..

He slowly starts pressing my boobs..

Jack: How you feel now..?

Genie: I feel better Jack...


don't stop it, please..

(I said to him and lean my head on his shoulder in pleasure..)

He smirks again and he started squeezing my boobs very Hard..

I am moaning in pleasure..

Jack: I have another idea if I do that you will be more relieved..

(he said and he keeps his head under my shirt and started licking my boobs..

and he started biting them..

I am moaning with pleasure..

Jack: Remove your shirt Gen.. I can't breathe under your shirt..

(he said between licking on my boobs..

I open my shirt in speedy thinking that he is really unable to breathe..

then he raises her head and sees my naked top..

He then comes close to my lips and starts kissing me..

with the other hands, he is pressing my boobs..

I was surrender to him..

I am responding to him..

I wish I want more..

he then removes his pants..

That's the first dick I saw..

it was really big and erected..

I touched his dick..

Jack: Will you help me too?

(I nod my head as Yes..

he keeps my entire hand on his dick and asks me to pull and push.. in and out..

I can sense it is very hot..

he pressed my hand on his dick and increase the strokes with my hand...


I am cumming...

(he cum in my hand..)

I clean it with a tissue..

he then comes close to me with another tissue and said..

Jack: Remove Your skirt Gen.. I will clean yours too.

(then I

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