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amaliaverdezoto > Being a Mistress for Revenge > 51 Jack.. The Detective
removed my shirt..

we both are naked to each other..)

Then he pushed me on my bed and jump on me..

then he touches his dick near my pussy..,

I moan.., hmmmmmm I like it...

then all of a sudden he pushed his dick into my pussy..

I shouted in pain..

he started moving in and out..

after a few minutes, I feel pleasure..

I am moaning loudly...



when he is giving me deep hard strokes..

The door was knocked..

"Gen are you ok..?

I hear your loud scream.." my dad asked me..

he didn't stop stroking me and he holds my mouth with his hand to stop my moan..

then my dad calls me again..

then he removes his hand..

then I shouted to my dad..

Dad everything is ok..

I am studying..

he left after I answer him..

then jack while giving strocks lean to my ear and ask..

Jack: think I am your Father..

I am fucking you..

call me as daddy..

Genie: Daaaa..ddyyyy...



(I moaned what he said with pleasure..)

he increased his strokes...


ahh ahhh daddyyy...

Fuck meeee...(I moaned loudly..)

in few strokes I feel warm liquid.. then I realised he cum in me...

I get up and clean my pussy.. I found blood..

He smiles and say..

I break your virginity...

I look at him and call himm.. Daddddyyyyyyyy.. you enjoyyyyy..?

he immediately keep again his dick in me and fucks me..

we finished 4 to 5 rounds of sex..

it's 7 a.m. in the morning..

my dad knocks the door..

we both wear our dresses in a hurry and opened the door..

then my dad look at my eyes and said..

"you really work hard this whole night.. you definitely get good marks this time.."

by listening to his words me and Jack laugh to each other...

End of flashback..

Yes.. Jack.. he will help now..

he will give really wise ideas that

I can't get caught by Mark..

Because he is a Detective..

Yes, Jack is a detective.. he will definitely help me..

I will surely get success in revenge on Anna..

Then I immediately take my phone and call him...

Jack: hi Gen.. Do you still feel wet?

Genie: Stop it, Jack.. I need your help..

Jack: Help..? in fucking..?

Genie: I need help to take revenge..

Jack: on whom..?

Genie: Anna..

because of her.. Mark imposed not to get into his house..

I want to take revenge on her...

I want her to leave Mark house permanently..

Jack: Come to my office Gen..

we can discuss here personally..

(and he smirk..)

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