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amaliaverdezoto > Being a Mistress for Revenge > 7 Mr. Mark
Mark's pov:

I am Mark am 26 years old..

As usual I wake up at 5:30 a.m. Done with my workout..

I take a bath and I came to the dinning room for breakfast..

I ask Nany about my sister (Ria) does she had her breakfast..

She said no, and she intimate me that she didn't come outside of her room from yesterday evening, and she didn't have dinner too..

I ask Nany everything ok?

I knock her door for 4 times beta..

She didn't respond and she didn't open the door..

I will check her I said to Nany and went to her room..

I knock the door, she didn't open

I call her, she didn't respond..

I call to my P.A and told her to cancel all my appointments and schedule for the day..

Its 10.30 am

I am waiting for Ria to open the door, but she is not responding..

Am worried about her..

I decided to break the door and I break..

The lock system was failing and I open the door easily..

I was shocked to see my sister with a suicide cut on her hand and she sat on the corner of the room..

The floor was filled with blood..

I was blocked.. Is that true what I saw..?

Nany enter the room..

She shouted and started crying..

And immediately we call an ambulance..

But it's too late..

They said she died in early 3: 30 a.m.

But why?

As far I know Ria is very strong..

She is not a type of girl of suicide..

Why she did this?

I don't even cry.. My mind was blocked and can't digest her death..

After 2days of her death, I got the post mortem report that she was raped by a gang..

I ask nanny about her Sunday schedule..

Nanny said she got an application for admission to the University, she is very happy that she and friend Anna got the admission in the same University..

She went to meet Anna that evening..

Thoughts are rolling in my head...

I went to her room, I sat on her bed..

I shouted loudly Riaaaa.... Please come back...

Don't leave your brother alone...

Please Riaa I cried loudly..

I cried a lot I didn't come out of her room..

Why she left me alone..

My parents left both of us and died in a car accident..

Me and Ria overcome this situation slowly..

It's been 2 years..

For the past 6 months am busy with my business work..

I can't spend much time with her..

But I know her bestie is Anna..

Am collecting all the memories and cried..

By the evening I found an envelope in her bag in the wardrobe..

Its college admission letter..

In that envelope I found another letter written by Ria's handwriting.. To Anna for her friend..

I read that letter..

My blood boiled and I want to kill her entire family..

I call her the next day and ask her to come..

I can't control myself..

When I saw her in Ria's room trying to touch my sister picture..

I can't control myself, I ran and grab her with her hair.. I saw her before.. but not this close..

With her one of the hands she touc

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