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amaliaverdezoto > Being a Mistress for Revenge > 30 Big.. Big.. Teddy
Anna's Pov:

I came to my room..

Tears rolling from my eyes

I tried to hide from Mark..

After I came to my room, I can't control them..

I sit on my bed.. and I started crying..

I was happy before Genie, visit..

But when she said..

"I don't give answers to the one who can't effort for a dress"

It stabs to me..

It hurts me a lot..

Yes, what she said was really true..

I can't even effort for the dress..

I lost everything.. That I can't even effort in to buy a slice of bread at least..

If Mark makes me to get out of his house..

I have to sell my body..

No Anna no, no...

You should not lose your character.. I said to myself...

If it comes to the point of my character it's better to take a death note instead of to lose my character..

My mom..

she is the one who cares about me..

My mom personally takes care of my dresses..

I don't even know how to select my own dress..

She always prefers best for me even in hard times too...

I don't know how to live my life without my mom..

Mark, he really takes good care..

But I can't depend on him like this..

After Ria's case was closed..

I should leave Mark..

After that I am alone..

No one is there in my life..

Tears rolling from my eyes.. I am sobbing to myself..

I didn't even touch my mom for one last time..

I feel better if Mark takes me to my mom final rituals..

But he didn't..

When I ask him about my mom..

He said he will take to the grave..

I really feel bad..

But it's ok to visit the grave at least...

I close my eyes.. Then I remember again, what genie said about my clothes..

Yes, she is right..

My mom always says..

If I am not effort for it, then I don't have a right to enjoy it..

So I can't effort for a dress of 22lakhs..

So I should not accept it..

I don't go to the party..

I will inform this to mark tomorrow morning..

Meanwhile, Nany entered into my room to sleep.. I clean my face with hands..

I said..

"Nanny.. You can sleep at your place..

I can manage myself.."

Nanny: its ok beta.. I should take care of you..

Anna: nany.. I am fine see...

I went to the outside too...

I am not a patient anymore..

(I convinced her because she is suffering to sleep here by leaving her family...

I don't have family, at least Nany can spend some time with her family members)

Nanny: ok beta...

Call me if you need anything else..

Anna: ok nany... I said..

she left my room..

I didn't turn off the light and I am scared to sleep alone..

But I should get habituated to live alone sleep alone..

then I closed my eyes..

I went to sleep..

I got the same old nightmare that I am falling from the cliff..

I just closed my eyes to give up my life..

But someone hold my hand..

To pull me up..

I opened my eyes..

It was blurr I can't see him clearly..

He lifted me a

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